Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i menci.BETUL

lately ni jerawat tumbuh bak cendawan shitake.mencilah

lately ni bila nak start buat assignment mesti malas yang super duper bombastic incredible punye malas.menci

lately ni bilik jadi kapal pirates of caribbean.menci tapi kadang2 nampak cool bila sepah2

lately ni banyak doramas yang best2.suke tapi mencilah sebab takde masa nak tengok dgn penuh ketenangan

lately ni nak makan byk2.mencilah sbb nanti gemuk w/pun dah gemuk

lately ni suke malas2.mencilah

eee menci2!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

long time no see. hyeeeeeee!


Been a while not hoping here and there. Not to say am so busy with so called campus life but it seems i loose the sense of blogging. I'm not going to have long update, just a short keep in touch with you reader(s), if any. Next week or perhaps a week after 'll be my hectic week(s). Assignments, midterm tests, case study, preparing for the final and so on *sigh. I think i should entertain or find some refreshment to gain the mood of study.

I want this and that!

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.
the cute Kim Bum (yi jeong in kkotboda namja/BOF)

Alex the flowerpot :D

♪♬ Meol li seo meol li seo meol li seo ♪♬

Movie watched for this month

Valentines' Day
wif Izzani (i know it sounds weird watched this 'super duper lovely' movie with a girl friend :P)

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief
wif cousins, pakcikmakcik, mama and adik during the family gathering on last cny.

Solomon Kane

wif ♥.


trip to Palace Of Juctice
it was my first experience attended a proceeding in Federal Court (supreme court of the land),
sit in line with the accused, heard the appeal case, met those legal practitioner and so on.

Gtg. See you, not to say soon :)