Friday, January 13, 2012

Madam Kwan & Singgah Selalu.

I've been to Madam Kwan upon the day of my trip to Aquaria KLCC to have our brunch. The restaurant basically serves Malaysian Delight in a such cozy place that provides good service. The foods are average to my liking and perhaps the street stalls are much better. It is recommended to the outsiders who wish to try our foods for the first time with a kind of good ambiance. They're indeed fast in serving food, provide plain water as a complimentary and always available when the customer request for something. Thumbs up for that. Me and Najib ordered the Nasi Bojari which is the signature dish in Madam Kwan where it comes with Assam prawn, beef Rendang, the succulent and juicy fried chicken which i like the most with colorful rice some sort of Nasi Hujan Panas.

Can you spot the Miss Kwan at the back of your's truly? Yeah, it's now available and they serve the similar dish with Madam Kwan. I've no idea as to whether it's belong to Madam Kwan's daughter. hi hi ;) The picture below were Cendol and ABC ordered as our dessert. They were not that good as the picture showed. I can have better than that in Mamak's stall with triple price reduced but for sho not in that kind cozy place. Sweat all over but I might contentedly happy with my meals.


It was an unplanned decision when last Sunday Najib ym-ed me to get ready as fast as possible and get prepared since he asked me to accompany him to JB. His father was admitted to Puteri Specialist Hospital due to mild stroke. We played badminton in the morning at first, having breakfast at Kenang Selalu and suddenly his mom rang into him to inform about his father's condition. We off-ed to JB around 12++pm and reached nearly 3pm. Najib opted to go back to Malacca on the same day due to the presentation he had on Monday morning. Pray for his father speedy recovery, amin. Later, we decided to have our dinner at Singgah Selalu near to Danga Bay. It was my favorite restaurant if i ever bump to JB since it serves variety of tempting foods where I definitely will spoil in making decision -_________-" Me and Najib opted to have black pepper beef, teppayanki tauhu, fried squid with nestum and scallop cooked with broccoli and mushroom which was one of the signature dish in Singgah Selalu.

Worth for every penny spend :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Aquaria KLCC =)

It's been awhile since i'm not updating any single thing. It's not about me myself facing the hectic life but just a little thing need my own focus. The assignments, midterms and so forth have come to an end. This means that the final exam is approaching pretty soon. I shall dispose my lazy ass or else I might be in trouble on my future. This entry should take place long time ago and indeed before the coming of new year. Me and Najib went to Aquaria KLCC on last 24th Dec and the main reason of going there was I have two free tickets from Body Shop prior to RM200 and above had wisely spend :p Najib drove from Malacca and parked his car at LRT Bukit Jalil to avoid the heavy traffic in KL. We opted to have brunch at Madam Kwan once we reached KLCC and later straight to our mission in Aquaria.

It was a fun trip and please don't accuse me as a lame person of having typical school-kiddos-trip. One of the most enjoyable trip that I ever had by witnessing those underwater world life since it does amused me with their own unique habitat. I wish i could gain an experience to dive into the sea (which I'd list down in my wishlist) at least once in my life. They're the most beauty creatures that I mesmerized with in this whole world. I shall stop my babbling before it takes hours and do enjoy the pictures taken by strolling down your cursor :D

Start our journey with;



The electric eel.

Water rat.


The three stooges.

Starting the journey to laut dalam;

Santa was feeding the fish.

The shark.

Feeding show.


Sea lion.

The Shop.

Us <3

Purposely not rotate this pic. hihi

Wednesday, January 11, 2012