Friday, May 20, 2011

1 litre of tears

searching for the highly motivated drama upon the messy time is the best therapy and to be specific, i spent my rest time during examination week by watching this drama. It really works and worth to the max! I should be blamed for pending this worth drama since the typical-crying-drama thought kept pop up into my mind.

It's the real story happened to Aya who has been diagnosed with incurable disease known as Spinocerebellar Degeneration. I won't explained the detail on her disease and left to the readers for further research. I did my own and i couldn't imagine how on earth she's survive her life with full esteem. I learned much by experienced this drama; ie, PEOPLE SHOULDN'T DWELL ON THE PAST, IT'S ENOUGH TO TRY YOUR BEST IN ALL THAT YOU'RE DOING NOW.

Can i say what i feel now?
I don't know what will happen in the future.
But, i can say with 100% certaintly
that what i'm feeling is not a lie.
if you're speaking
no matter how slow, I will listen to you.
If you can't talk on the phone,
I'll come directly to see you.
I'm not a dolphin,
and you're not a dolphin either.
If you're walking,
no matter how slow, I'll walk with you.
I may not be useful now,
but one day, i want to be of help for you.
Even though it won't be like old times,
our feelings are connected,so
i don't think we live in separate worlds.
i maybe in love...

Haruto made the tears much, more than 1 litre :'(

the real Aya, RIP.

Suffer and suffer through,
and there's a rainbow colored happiness
waiting on the other side.
Do not rush it, Do not be greedy
Don't give up.
Because, everybody takes a step at a time.
It didn't matter how insignificant, but
i wanted to be useful to others.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

rambling on saturday morning

Morning Saturday,

what shall i write today? hmm i'm just done with my exam and it's really a big yeayy! Alhamdulillah indeed :) Time constraint is such a big deal, always and i could see others will nodding towards me. The lectures shall extend to 4 hours for law papers instead of 3 hours, kan? =.="

i am waiting for my bff coming back in june and we'll have good times together. miss u terribly :[ we did some plan and really looked for it, insyaAllah.

presenting the most comel friend~!


mistake does happened T________T

with love,

all the best for your exam and drill it!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Multimedia University EXAM SLIP

Student ID : 1071113427 Name : SITI SYAMIMI AZMIRA BT MOHD RIDZUAN Trimester : 3 Session : 2010/2011
Degree : Bachelor of Law (Honours) Faculty : FBL Branch : MMU - MELAKA

Subject ID Subject Description Exam Hours Status Date Venue Seat No Time
11/05/2011 CITS LAB 1 64 2.30 PM
13/05/2011 FBL DESIGN STUDIO A 31 9.00 AM

Allahhuma yasir wala tuasir

Doakan saya & lain-lain dipermudahkan segalanya ya (:

Happy Momma's Day to my Lovely Mama and all mothers in the world.
you're the greatest person in my entire life.
Mom's rock!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dream High v Secret Garden

worth watching dramas ever!!

1. Dream high

2. Secret Garden

finished the marathon thingy but still wanna watch on what i've bookmarked. It's a big no for me as the exam is coming so soon. Take note yeah! I'm really fallen in love with the storyline and the ost as well. Nothing much to review as it's fully recommended to watch both of the dramas. You'll scream out of control by looking at those chicas and romeos of course!

for the so called 2pm fan, Dream High is a must! you'll find your effing hot Taecyeon played as a main actor besides Wooyoung and for sure they'll dance plus singing for you. to cut it short, the storyline is similar with school of fame but it's much better.

i love secret garden as i love bof and you're beautiful. They can be in same rank and the craziness is extraordinary, for sure! i love the ending. the storyline is so nearly imperfect. Hyun Bin is the best actor supported with Yoon Sang Hyun, Ha Ji Won, Kim Sa Rang and others. I'm not in love with the main actor buuuuuuut I adore Oska to the most! not to forget, Big Bang done with parody thingy and it's damn funny. Go buy your snack and enjoy it while watching the best drama ever! Does it sound overrated? T__________T

Sunday, May 1, 2011

IU Dinner


theme: miracle in korea

and of course korean cuisine

too much loud being heard plus gossip, a havoc night indeed :)

me, roommate & coursemate


me and aimi

housemate, coursemate, roommate & yours truly.


macam poster drama Datin Diaries :P

dan lagi


aimi, yours truly, kak ina shafina, bal & kak zinni :)


what shall i add here? ouhh, a lucky draw from the hotel itself. a big Y!

kamsahamnida everyone (: