Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I am in the middle of hectic life. The final exam has just started and I'll be having two papers on Friday. I should not write anything right here right now. But the stress level was beyond my control. Therefore I write. I was thinking about my future in 5 years time. I know, I'll be facing rough times along the way. It's just the same as I ended my high school. The craps were always happened. But surely it makes me who I am today. The previous me was different. I admitted that I was so childish back then. Then, I faced lots of people. It brings me how to deal with each of them. It ain't easy at all especially when it comes to legal minded people. Argument is their skill. 

Let me jump into my thinking of the future. I'll be having my chambering for 9 months once I graduated. It sounds hectic as well. I'd observed how the chambees dealt with their life which includes working at night and even weekend. This brings my never ending craps even after I got my scroll. I need to struggle and yet have a good relationship with my colleagues. Thus, they will treat me nicer. And feed me with good food! Then, I'll be call to the bar. The advocate & solicitor of Malaysia.

Do I have any other plan after that? Yes, lists to go. I would like to travel to each of States around the world. From East to West and South down to North. It is not for my own leisure but a passion. Each may have one right. And this is mine.

Then the thought of having property popped out. I'll own a house, at least. This is where I'll be turn it to be a home. Safe and sound. The value it's not an issue but I rather fill it with happiness. This mattered me the most.

People could not foresee their future but we can dream what we wish to. The bad will make us stronger and the good will build us become wiser. Nothing to regret to since it is a phase of life. Each of us will embrace the joy and encounter the sorrow. You'll feel bad today but it does not mean your life had ended. I do believe, life is like a wheel. The ups and down in life is the least we could foresee.