Friday, November 19, 2010

yada da da!

yada yada yada. i've so many things to settle down but don't know which i shall start first. i just went back from court at Jalan Duta to complete my court report. i'd 3 different criminal cases and luckily three of them came out with full judgment. there's no such thing of cases that will be adjourned or pending, alhamdulillah. i need to compile the report with my partner by this sunday and submit to mr.jeong on monday. am gonna share the cases here once i submit it :)

#1 me being a bailiff during law moot competition

not to forget, i might have islamic law 2 presentation on monday morning and midterm test on wed as well. phew~ not revise anything yet. yada yada yada ouhh the criminal law that i've to catch up by understanding the cases that mdm.asmida had been cited in class should be added here. the test will be held on 1st dec.

mooting? i shall put aside the midterm test of this subject for a moment since i've memorial to be deal of. yada yada yada when you hear a word of 'memorial' you might have nirvana memorial park come across your mind. the memorial that we need to prepare is much to be mourn of compared to the park since you have to sacrifice your time, energy, happiness, money, joy etc etc. sigh is not a big deal for the meantime. i tried to find the legal authorities and Alhamdulillah i found several legal articles but yet none of the cases :(

#2 me being a bailiff during law moot competition

although i'm part of the kids of law school but the burden that i shall put in a generous way is DISASTEROUS. the best heal of the stress mode is that by looking those in black and white suit walked around the court with charisma of a lawyer and there will be the excitement to finish the study asap! insyaAllah :)

p.s: judges are so tricky when questioning the mooters and we need to affirm on our own stand. he just want to test our understanding upon the principle and cases and on how we argued those such thing. in simple words, all out your effort. fighting!~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

eid mubarak!

i'm not so impressed before with Maher Zain since people love to talk about him. the thought of typical munsyid always come accrosed my mind and this made me never listen to the full song of him. i've my own reason for the rigidity of my choice towards nasyid. i listen to them but just few and most of them are from outsiders.

Maher zain had totally impressed me and changed my mind towards him after i watched yesterday tv program where he shared his thought. i love the way on how he delivered the messages to people which are not limited to Muslim but the whole world. for those who are on same feet as me before, you better try to listen to his song. the messages that he try to share, MasyaAllah! i wish to meet him one fine day..

Eid Mubarak!
may Allah bless us :)
biiznillah insyaAllah.