Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Morning.

Strolling along the beach, Pantai Klebang!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The other phase of life.

Assalamualaikum to all my loyal readers. It has been too long since I wasn't blogging. The idea has gone due to some chaos. My laptop was crashed as one of the chips in the motherboard could not functioning. It does contained major problem and as a result I bought a new one. It ain't easy to say goodbye to my previous Acer after 5 years we were tagged along. I love my laptop pretty much since it was my first-wholly-owned-laptop in my life. Most of the Uni memories' were stored in the laptop and they were gone for just a blink of an eye. It was bad. One of the bad feeling that I ever had perhaps. I still hope that it will turn on one fine day. Who knows? :) Things happened for reason and we as Muslim believed that there's always two sided of coins. Hikmah. Welcome to my new red Asus and I wish it will turn up to be better. The best as it can! Amin. Thanks dad for this, a great gift indeed <3

I've entered my new semester of the final year and hope that I'll be able to catch up every single subjects throughout this semester. The previous semester has ended well and Alhamdulillah the result was beyond expectation. I'd taken International Trade & Shipping Law and Consumer Law during the short semester and I did enjoyed the learning process. The shipping part was the best ever since I was kind interested with that field. The lecturers were helpful beside we're bless to have young handsome men conducting the class. *ehem*

The semester break has passed and thanks to MMU for providing three weeks of break. I'd me-at-home enjoyable time instead of going for any vacation. It was fun though. The fat getting higher on the other hand .-." I'd family gathering in brief, Mr. N came over to have short date but turned up the other way round. He slept over at my house with my my dad and mom while me & my little sister went to my uncle's at Shah Alam as we had the gathering on the same day. He's having the in-law bonding perhaps. Hehe!

Here are some of the long list of May activities and please don't puke if the food pictures were overloading. :D


The Avengers was EPIC. Thor is my favorite among the Marvel but Hulk was powerful. Me was excited when Robin (HIMYM) present for this movie and turned up she did her best. I was so in love watching Battleship for no reason and asked my parents to watch this movie too. They had agreed too and dad enjoyed the most. Heheh! It's based on navigation, battle with the alien and typical love story to be added here. The last but not the least was SAFE. It would be average to others but quite interesting for me. The storyline was under expectation where the Chinese girl was abducted due to her genius brain and brought to America for hidden purposes. The white man was able to save her from being used by the Chinese gang.


Food food and food. Since I am a food lover, I'll not feel any guilt to paste my food pictures :):) This was taken upon the first weekend of my break. Having dinner with the family was great regardless of what type of food being served. Ikea foodcourt was typically packed with people where sometimes me wondered why this people love to dine here. The variety of food was not that much but surely people will opt for meatball. -__________-


Having lunch with Mr.N at TGI Friday's The Garden MM. The top one was mine and of course the bottom was Mr.N's. Mine briefly was half of BBQ chicken served with mashed potatoes and onion rings. It was nice at first but later I feel to vomit it out. Too heavy for my liking and I wondered who on earth (the lady) could finish half of the wing? Blame on me for not sharing this portion with him. Learn from mistake please xD His was roasted breast with Tennessee sauce, mashed potatoes and veggies. The sauce was so sweet to our liking and it was not recommended at all. Hihii


My family was part of the fans for Arab cuisine. I'd blogged it before relating to this 'issue' ;) We'd the opportunity to try several type of Arab food and our fav still in Saba Restaurant Cyberjaya. We went to Al-Rawsha and Hadramawt before but Saba was preferable due to their specialty which was Kabsah Rice. It's fully recommended for those who haven't try this good food. Thanks Baba for the treat which a day before me going back to Malacca. =P


Nandos with Mr.N few weeks before finishing the last semester and again with my family once I reached home. That's the valid reason of me gaining weight. Please don't blame me XD


Amongst all, this is the best. On top of the awesomeness, the epic that would never meet any failure. Presenting Nasi Kurma cooked by the greatest mom in this whole wide world. Yummy! <3

Till then.