Monday, December 20, 2010



in love with the date of today. don't know why..
maybe because of the intonation of those numbers or the composition.

okayokay. actually bukan nak cerita pasal harini tapi about yesterday.
i'm forever 21 now :) :) :)
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for everything.
Thanks to my parents and love both of u eternally.
Thanks to my family, friends, teachers, outsiders, readers and anonymous for being part of my life.
Infinity love to all of you.

For those who wishes my birthday, thank you so much and i'm so touched with those kindness.
tacing ai baca your text, messages, one-to-one wishes and even through fb because you spent at least +- 3mins commented on my wall. your 3mins are so valuable and precious to make my day.
i wish my 1 year older meant for growing wiser, mature, prosper, kindness, success, slim & slander lol! amin =)

we had family gathering on my mom's side. 25 people gathered including 4 children from Ipoh's orphanage.
dinner at Saba' rest, cyberjaya. chit chatting kuat-kuat sampai our voices macam conquer the whole rest.huhu
suddenly my cousin asked me to potong kek. i thought the cake for the gathering but vice versa.
yang ni pertama sekali touching sbb it's not yet reached 19th.
anyway, thanks to my dad for the treat at Saba' and wish u for more and more prosper ahead :) amin.

continue with fam gathering. i went to perak for my dad's cousin wed and back to kl on the same day.
we had seafood bbq at night at my uncle place, ss13 s.alam
the boys, teenages and kids went to pusat bandar puchong to play badminton while ladies went to i-city.
chit-chatting and zzzzz.

my cousin's daughter whispered to my ear around 12am++ "happy birthday auntie mimi. Sayang aunty banyak2". huuuuuu tacing sat.
she asked me whose the first wish my birthday and i said her. She's so excited lol!
siap give me 5 lagi hokeh!
bangun subuh, makcik2, parents semua wish and made me tacing lagi.
after breakfast, my youngest cousin play piano while the others sang a birthday song for me. segan campur tacing =p

sekian, yang baik-baik untuk akan datang.
amin :)


A fine dine at Al-Rawsha which some said is a Lebanese cuisine situated in Kg.Pandan, KL. I went to this rest with my family during midterm break. A first timer and may not come again due to the taste which Saba' in Cyberjaya much more better :) Lets pics do the talking..

me & menu :]

me & mom

meals [enlarge the pic for clear looks]

beverages [we ordered teapot tea which rm4 diff from Saba' rest :'(]

mandi lamb for my dad

kabsah chicken for my sis

mandi chicken for my mom

mansaf al-rawsha for me

add-on salad

eat together with rice [i don't know the precise name but ala-ala sambal belacan gitu.hehe and the white looks like cream tu the taste is like yogurt]

dessert area

my mom & dad. loveeeee u!


me at the reception

penyeri ruang supaya feeling ala-ala di lebanon gitu :P

the building

my mom bought from Kelantan tapi ada Masjid Beijing occay tapi tembok besau china takdelah.huhu yg pink tu my uncle's gift from dubai. Alhamdulillah :)

Penat dah gambar bercerita. Lets end the story by saying byebye!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

setahun sudah.

backed in 2009,

it was here

me & Natrah

and her other half

dramatic yet reality

queue for signature

played as Che Aminah (Natrah's mom)

remy ishak (mansor adabi) & maya karin (natrah)

am still heart the first one
ps: nak menyedapkan hati since i dont have the opportunity to go on the latest 'Natrah

tiba-tiba, the mode;

i miss my pimple-less, -_____-

Friday, November 19, 2010

yada da da!

yada yada yada. i've so many things to settle down but don't know which i shall start first. i just went back from court at Jalan Duta to complete my court report. i'd 3 different criminal cases and luckily three of them came out with full judgment. there's no such thing of cases that will be adjourned or pending, alhamdulillah. i need to compile the report with my partner by this sunday and submit to mr.jeong on monday. am gonna share the cases here once i submit it :)

#1 me being a bailiff during law moot competition

not to forget, i might have islamic law 2 presentation on monday morning and midterm test on wed as well. phew~ not revise anything yet. yada yada yada ouhh the criminal law that i've to catch up by understanding the cases that mdm.asmida had been cited in class should be added here. the test will be held on 1st dec.

mooting? i shall put aside the midterm test of this subject for a moment since i've memorial to be deal of. yada yada yada when you hear a word of 'memorial' you might have nirvana memorial park come across your mind. the memorial that we need to prepare is much to be mourn of compared to the park since you have to sacrifice your time, energy, happiness, money, joy etc etc. sigh is not a big deal for the meantime. i tried to find the legal authorities and Alhamdulillah i found several legal articles but yet none of the cases :(

#2 me being a bailiff during law moot competition

although i'm part of the kids of law school but the burden that i shall put in a generous way is DISASTEROUS. the best heal of the stress mode is that by looking those in black and white suit walked around the court with charisma of a lawyer and there will be the excitement to finish the study asap! insyaAllah :)

p.s: judges are so tricky when questioning the mooters and we need to affirm on our own stand. he just want to test our understanding upon the principle and cases and on how we argued those such thing. in simple words, all out your effort. fighting!~

Thursday, November 18, 2010

eid mubarak!

i'm not so impressed before with Maher Zain since people love to talk about him. the thought of typical munsyid always come accrosed my mind and this made me never listen to the full song of him. i've my own reason for the rigidity of my choice towards nasyid. i listen to them but just few and most of them are from outsiders.

Maher zain had totally impressed me and changed my mind towards him after i watched yesterday tv program where he shared his thought. i love the way on how he delivered the messages to people which are not limited to Muslim but the whole world. for those who are on same feet as me before, you better try to listen to his song. the messages that he try to share, MasyaAllah! i wish to meet him one fine day..

Eid Mubarak!
may Allah bless us :)
biiznillah insyaAllah.

Friday, October 29, 2010

i'm lovin it

there's no ambiguity to admit that i'm one of the food lover's in this planet. i shall not to discuss the food generally as it'll take quite a long entry and this will make my readers keep on yawning. just want to share the most fav meal when i go to mcd and it becomes my addiction which is not good of course for the health :( but how am i going to control it?..

i'll buy mcd spicy chicken most of the time when i go to mcd and during past fasting month, i ate once a week (at least) for break fast =( it's an addiction but guilty on conclusion. The taste is much more scrumptious compared to KFC. and yesterday i had it for my dinner =.=

this fillet o fish not so a devil for my diet but by hook or by crook it may gives harm since it is a fast food but i love it so much. i'll go for it if i'm not so hungry and it is the super duper delicious light meal.

i tried black pepper spicy chicken mcdeluxe and milo mcflurry once but i wholeheartedly will go for spicy chicken or fillet o fish ;D ouhh to be added here, chocolate sundae is one of my fav ever! sweet in your mouth and melting in your heart. i want it nowwwwwwwwww!


Happy belated birthday to baba!
Wish for your prosperous and always be healthy!

Happy wonderful 21st birthday to my all time comel & gebu pona!
May Allah bless you and success will always be part of your journey!

Love to all :)

Hi everyone. i'm in law library now. Not doing any revision but streaming the movie & drama below. I love friday since the mood of weekend has been started. I've a presentation to be prepare but i put it aside for a moment. C'mon guys, enjoy your blissful life ;D

It's quite a long time i want to watch Heaven's Postman but due to certain technical problem on youtube, i've to wait till it being recovered.

I found good feedback from those who watched this drama. It's totally different from most of kdrama before and i'm terribly want to watch it. Since i've free time till tomorrow i'll marathon and hopefully to finish it by next week. Please don't remind me about assignment, tutorial, mooting, court attendance or whatsoever for the time being>,<"

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Not much to share here. Have a good weekend :0)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dear longchamp,

i've been looking for this kind of bag. not to say as a handbag since it is widely used to protect the expensive Coach, Miu Miu, LV, Chanel or any kind of super expensive hb when it catch in raining or when u want to put your Chanel on the floor. Since i'm not into Coachism yet, the lovely red longchamp is enough to make me contentedly smile and the price can be said as reasonable. Am still browsing the best price to be deal of and it was my first time bidding through the internet.

i'd stop the bid since the price keep 'growing' and it's a 2nd hand item and i want the red one! :(

Can i've them? :D :D


Monday, October 25, 2010

bundle of JOY :)


i pass all the subjects taken for last trimester

Criminal Law 1

Family Law 1
Mooting 1
Islamic Law 1

TERIMA KASIH untuk mama & baba yang sentiasa mendoakan, kasih sayang yang infinity, financial support sehingga saya tidak kenal erti meminta, sentiasa memberi sokongan moral via membebel dsb. TERIMA KASIH buat lecturers yang meng'lecture' serta tidak meng'list'kan nama saya kepada the honourable barring list walaupun sebenarnya boleh dikira layak (",).

TERIMA KASIH sayang saya tujukan buat keluarga yang memahami serta mendoakan kejayaan ahli keluarga anda ini. tidak lupa juga TERIMA KASIH buat sahabat-sahabat, kawan-kawan dan teman-teman tidak kira yang dekat atau jauh dimata (dah macam ucapan raya di perantauan =P). orang-orang di sekeliling saya & yang pernah menjadi part of my life, TERIMA KASIH buat anda. kerjasama & understanding yang saya terima di Kenny Rogers Roaster Mahkota Parade, TERIMA KASIH buat staf-staf & manager yang banyak membantu. Ikhlas saya cakap saya amat terharu dengan kerjasama yang mereka berikan terutama ketika saya menghadapi test, assignment dateline atau exam.

Last but not least, TERIMA KASIH buat Najib yang sentiasa support saya especially when i'm down & layan kerenah saya yang malasnya macam koala (budget comel ",). To be honest, saya sangat touching & speechless when he said just now " sayang ingat tak ajib pernah janji awal sem dulu yang ajib guide sayang till u pass all the subject?" Lepas tu saya buat-buat lupa supaya dia tak kembang sebesar Selat Melaka. And now, Alhamdulillah i hit the jackpot & i'm so happy of it though tak dapat duit macam main casino =.="

TERIMA KASIH sayang cinta to all of you! Saya tahu benda ni sangat common for those yang every sem result super duper bombastic but for me it is my bundle of joy that i would like to share with people around me. For my friends, lets keep it up and it must be noted here that our life is like a wheel. Sometimes we're so happy to be at the top but we shall not forget it may goes down to ensure the wheel will keep moving. Everything has its own meaning behind, Allah yang Maha Mengetahui disebalik rahsia dan sebaik-baik Perancang :) Failure is not to be mourn but it is another step towards success. It will make us try hard, harder and hardest till the end of our life.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

eat pray love




i watched this movie with the new couple, trex my gf, zul my gf's bf, my gf bf's roommate and najib. not so impressed me and same goes to others. it might have good messages but sounds typical. for those who read the novel will find the movie not so turn out as what been expected. but Ketut (local actor while liz in Bali) did very well and cheered up the mood. i love the scene in Italy, the script that well blended with scrumptious type of food. that's the most part that i enjoyed.

not to forget, we're having a short break for two weeks. hari raya still in the mood and i spend most of the weekend visiting family and friend. lots of open house and of course yeayy for the food. oh, i'm on my way to finish Bumi Cinta by habiburrahman el-shirazi. it's a nice story line that took place in Moscow. i'll share with my lovely readers once i finish it. insyaAllah..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

less 24 hours;

insanity. hey i'm a girl okay!

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Multimedia University EXAM SLIP

Student ID : 1071113427 Name : SITI SYAMIMI AZMIRA BT MOHD RIDZUAN Trimester : 1 Session : 2010/2011
Degree : Bachelor of Law (Honours) Faculty : FBL Branch : MMU - MELAKA

Subject ID Subject Description Exam Hours Status Date Venue Seat No Time
20/09/2010 CITS LAB 1 10 2.30 PM
22/09/2010 CONTIGENCY LAB 1 10 2.30 PM
29/09/2010 MAIN HALL 136 9.00 AM
30/09/2010 CITS LAB 1 2 9.00 AM


Saturday, September 4, 2010

emo #1

banyak benda yang aku emo sejak kebelakangan ni, yakni di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia dan lebih precise 10 malam terakhir. mungkin setan dah buat rumah dalm hati.ishh

yang pertama. secara jujur aku get annoyed dengan 'kanak-kanak' yang bawak dslr ke hulu ke hilir sampai pi mydin pun nak shoot. sayangnya, seni yang aku minat suatu masa dulu sudah menjadi tipikal dan lebih menyedihkan lagi seperti hilang the authenticity & value. siapa yang mengikuti blog aku mesti tahu betapa minatnya aku dengan seni ini sampaikan aku pernah cerita dekat previous entri aku termimpi si udey ismail. siapa yang minat seni ni mesti tahu siapa dia. dan aku pernah adore dengan bakat yang ada pada anna joe, saiful nang, mukhriz latif etc etc. haihh kan dah berkurang minat aku yang satu tu. tapi takpe, aku rase minat aku ni taklah hilang terus sebab sekarang ni aku macam tertarik sangat dengan kamera erm erm ermmmmmmm POLAROID! Since aku tengok unnie dan oppa dekat korea pakai macam comel jekan, so aku tertariklah dengan kamera ni. lagipun lepas snap, gambar terus keluar & boleh letak-letak sticker yg kiyut dekat gambar tu, heee gedik ;p

say kimchi! my min ho oppa :D

ommo jeremy? AWWWWW super duper cute!
jeremy aka hong ki in you're beautiful

hyun joong & hwang bo in wgm

my fav couple in wgm
alex couldn't stop from taking shinae pic using polaroid
*bapak banyak dia amek*
he's so romantic but sometimes it seems a bit fake lol

cutekan? tapi aku taknak sticker hello kitty ni, childish sangat. ok apa kate kita letak sticker rakyat-rakyat korea yang bila kita tengok muka dia secara automatik fangirlism voice kedengaran.hehee bestnya :D

blah dslr! aku memang sentap & buat penat je dulu-dulu aku buat revision macam mana nak guna dslr dengan baik, godek-godek slr baba aku yang boleh simpan dalam muzium, simpan duit untuk beli kau dan yang paling lame lagi aku siap try dulu guna digicam aku untuk buat bokeh lah bagai.argghhhh tensi! Tapi takpe, polaroid lagi best dan MURAH, itu yang kita nak. koreanism pulak tu, kita perlu ada nilai kewarganegaraan yang teguh ehh silap! bukan kewarganegaraan tetapi semangat mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama manusia =p

Nanti kita pergi survey harga & siapa yang baik hati, ensem, nak kaya cepat, dapat anak macam kacukan arab-korea, jelita sampai boleh masuk majalah in-Trend, dapat anugerah dekan naib canselor, haaaaa jangan buang masa lagi. Belikanlah Polaroid ni untuk saya satu, besday pun tak lama lagi. Kumpul duit dari sekarang (^-^v)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

when it comes to passion

To be honest, i'm so thankful for not being a shopaholic type of person. I didn't spend too much for unnecessary item nor the so called women thingy. I had changed when entering my 20th phase and it is a relief for me. I'll buy when my heart says it is good for me, but the saying must work with my tiny brain.

The attitude unfortunately doesn't work when it comes to food. I'm kind of a food lover. Hold on, not a kind of but absolutely a food lover. I don't even care how much did i left in my wallet nor the weight that i'll gain. It's a big no when it comes to food. Anything that looks yummy, i'll then go for it. Food is my passion, and i'm passionate of it.

I'm on my way of watching two korean drama but the internet was totally freaking damn slow and the buffering process may takes the whole night or even a day to finish up. EP internet becomes worst day by day and it'll jeopardize my passion towards doramas including kPop thingy. It really makes me sad cause i rather staying at home facing my laptop with korean faces than have a walk in the mall. It's lovely.

Sunao ni Narena Kute

Mirotic song made an introduction to me of u

Blog-walking is a good way to find any information especially when it comes to entertainment. I found these two japanese drama when i blog-walked to doramas fan's blog. I read the synopsis and went through the comments. It sounds awesome and i shall watch those two doramas soon. Since jaejoong from DBSK acted in Sunao ni Narenakute, i'll go for it first. I dare to bet those fangirlism will shout out loud when looking to jaejong flawless face, kan AJ? =p The memory of kPop craziness with AJ has crossed my mind when it comes to DBSK thingy. Missing it so much :'[

Hotoru no Hikari has two season.
the latest is still ongoing

Two novels have to finish after my final papers.I bought one of them during the book fair in PWTC and another in KL. Both are relating to literature genre which is my main passion once upon a time and it is still remain till today. Facing the pack schedule has limits my time to blissfully reading the novel since i cannot stop when i start reading. So i can only start reading when i'm really free or during the holiday.

Shall stop here since i've work to settle down and i've discussion tonight, noted. Gtg, lots of love!

Monday, August 30, 2010

eat as u can.

I thought i'd gained weight for these couple days since i eat a lot. Last Monday i went to middle east restaurant in Malacca and had maqloobah rice which the portion supposed for two person but i could finished it at all and add on two delicious samosa. The next day, i had tomato rice with 10 sticks of satay and McD spicy chicken for friday. I went back to kl on saturday and Mama's menu was asam pedas daging which the taste i can't resist it at all. Super duper yummy and the three plates of rice that i had has approved it! Not to include it here with tauhu sumbat that i craved it for a long time. Thanks ma! You're the wonderful chef that i ever met =0)

I went to Saba Restaurant, Cyberjaya for yesterday break fast and it was my second time having middle east cuisine during this Ramadhan. I love the taste of their food and satisfied with the service that they had. Much more faster compared to certain Malay restaurant. I had chicken kabsah and same goes to my family. The meat was so tender and juicy and i think the price is reasonable with the big portion that we had. We can choose either to join their buffet or ala carte but it is fully recommended to make the reservation or else u can't find any empty table.

I had kuih bakar after the meal when we backed home, the kuih is again super duper yummy because it was baked by my mom <3. Bubur lambok that had been given by my dad's friend and after8 chocolate should be added here as part of my reason if i gaining my weight. Surprisingly, when i check the weight, it's still maintain and i can smile contentedly.

Looking forward to watch these two Malaysian movies.

I'd been watched this drama since my teenage time and it was one of my favourite drama other than gilmore girl. The drama stopped from airing before i finished my secondary school and i miss a lot their funniest act. I was so happy when i knew it had a movie and being aired on 26 august in Malaysia. Yeayy for the fan! Can't wait to watch this movie and for those who have the same interest as me, lets watch it together.

I didn't know when it gonna be air but i can't wait to watch the movie. Hopefully it'll be good or better compared to the drama.

Btw, i just left one assignment need to submit on this coming Friday and i'll start my revision for final exam soon. Hopefully,i can cover 3 topics for Islamic Law during this week consist of Qiyas, Ijma', Maslahah Mursalah and Ijtihad, Quran & Sunnah for next week. I hope i can finish from preparing the notes in two weeks time, insyaAllah.

For my lovely readers, lets welcome the al-qadr wholeheartedly and happy independent day to all Malaysian.