Monday, December 20, 2010



in love with the date of today. don't know why..
maybe because of the intonation of those numbers or the composition.

okayokay. actually bukan nak cerita pasal harini tapi about yesterday.
i'm forever 21 now :) :) :)
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for everything.
Thanks to my parents and love both of u eternally.
Thanks to my family, friends, teachers, outsiders, readers and anonymous for being part of my life.
Infinity love to all of you.

For those who wishes my birthday, thank you so much and i'm so touched with those kindness.
tacing ai baca your text, messages, one-to-one wishes and even through fb because you spent at least +- 3mins commented on my wall. your 3mins are so valuable and precious to make my day.
i wish my 1 year older meant for growing wiser, mature, prosper, kindness, success, slim & slander lol! amin =)

we had family gathering on my mom's side. 25 people gathered including 4 children from Ipoh's orphanage.
dinner at Saba' rest, cyberjaya. chit chatting kuat-kuat sampai our voices macam conquer the whole rest.huhu
suddenly my cousin asked me to potong kek. i thought the cake for the gathering but vice versa.
yang ni pertama sekali touching sbb it's not yet reached 19th.
anyway, thanks to my dad for the treat at Saba' and wish u for more and more prosper ahead :) amin.

continue with fam gathering. i went to perak for my dad's cousin wed and back to kl on the same day.
we had seafood bbq at night at my uncle place, ss13 s.alam
the boys, teenages and kids went to pusat bandar puchong to play badminton while ladies went to i-city.
chit-chatting and zzzzz.

my cousin's daughter whispered to my ear around 12am++ "happy birthday auntie mimi. Sayang aunty banyak2". huuuuuu tacing sat.
she asked me whose the first wish my birthday and i said her. She's so excited lol!
siap give me 5 lagi hokeh!
bangun subuh, makcik2, parents semua wish and made me tacing lagi.
after breakfast, my youngest cousin play piano while the others sang a birthday song for me. segan campur tacing =p

sekian, yang baik-baik untuk akan datang.
amin :)


A fine dine at Al-Rawsha which some said is a Lebanese cuisine situated in Kg.Pandan, KL. I went to this rest with my family during midterm break. A first timer and may not come again due to the taste which Saba' in Cyberjaya much more better :) Lets pics do the talking..

me & menu :]

me & mom

meals [enlarge the pic for clear looks]

beverages [we ordered teapot tea which rm4 diff from Saba' rest :'(]

mandi lamb for my dad

kabsah chicken for my sis

mandi chicken for my mom

mansaf al-rawsha for me

add-on salad

eat together with rice [i don't know the precise name but ala-ala sambal belacan gitu.hehe and the white looks like cream tu the taste is like yogurt]

dessert area

my mom & dad. loveeeee u!


me at the reception

penyeri ruang supaya feeling ala-ala di lebanon gitu :P

the building

my mom bought from Kelantan tapi ada Masjid Beijing occay tapi tembok besau china takdelah.huhu yg pink tu my uncle's gift from dubai. Alhamdulillah :)

Penat dah gambar bercerita. Lets end the story by saying byebye!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

setahun sudah.

backed in 2009,

it was here

me & Natrah

and her other half

dramatic yet reality

queue for signature

played as Che Aminah (Natrah's mom)

remy ishak (mansor adabi) & maya karin (natrah)

am still heart the first one
ps: nak menyedapkan hati since i dont have the opportunity to go on the latest 'Natrah

tiba-tiba, the mode;

i miss my pimple-less, -_____-