Saturday, April 30, 2011

and Diana indeed smile towards both of you

... besides the whole nation all over the world. I do admit that, Will a prince charming was my first love since it happened upon my childhood time and to be specific he's my lover during primary period. I kept his photo, bring here and there inside my wallet and being a pathetic kid would consider as not an offence. His big day made me turned back my first crush time, without even has knowledge towards IT or in recent times, we're just Google our fav person, print it and may paste on the wall or make the pic for our lappy wallpaper. There's no such thing upon 80's kids, lucky you millennium babies :) I still remember when i bought a magazine without knowing the exact content and it contained Will pics (he's freaking charming upon that), I cut the paper and scanned it using my dad scanner, folded it as the pic can fit well inside my Mickey wallet. HAHA i can hear the boo sound T__________T

I was so proud upon that time, tagging along with my prince charming everywhere 'enthusiastically'. Time change every single thing, from innocent into offensive, lovers become haters, passion turned into commitment and etc. I am growing and so do with my mentality. I do realized the so called prince charming was a fairytale. Absolutely a Disney movie and i decided left my prince with open heart. I just wish for the best of his life.

Diana is the best royal lady that i ever known and i believed her son will reflect her one day. I've been to Buckingham palace when i was 6 and he's 13. It's not the end of our met and i wish i could step on where he's stepping. Congratulations on your humble wedding and please be a real Prince Charming for kate. nor jealousy to be added here :)

she's a commoner but she's so beautiful and it's hidden. Left for those who love her to explore the beauty :)

a stylo princess wannabe (she's wearing jumpsuit awwwwwww!!)

I believed commoner always a Cinderella and it does happened in reality. 29/4 had approved it by the entire nation and wish them for happily ever after. It's not impossible indeed. For those who keep criticize about the dress, you're so Rosmah! =p

Thursday, April 14, 2011

the rambling of food lover :)

I missed Singgah Selalu food, a must restaurant to visit in JB. Kalau orang KL proud of their Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Juara Tomyam etc, Johorian perhaps suggesting their Singgah Selalu most of the time. The menu memang sangat banyak but me prefer to choose lauk b'hidang. These are the foods that we ordered after seharian suntuk in S'pore and end up dinner in JB.

sotong black pepper fat & kental (fresh) version
pardon me the quality of pictures :(

me called tauhu jepun. this one masak teppayanki. a must try!

lemon chicken. not recommended for those who opt spicy food but it tastes nice to my bud

food for two?! mine u of big potion :)

When we have time & dimurahkan rezeki, i would like to try their meals..

cannot tahan people keep nagging about ayam penyet super bombastic even without soup. and waffle, varieties of roti etc


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

this and that

2 things done:

i) fees payment - am quite questionable with the total which cheaper than previous sem. hihi anyway thanks new president!

ii) assessment - consulted with my advisor and several tips given. thanks madam! :)

lagi cepat those things to be settled lagi bagus since this sem run so fast. today gonna be a big day for law school. LPQB came for interview thingy in order to exempt from CLP. they will come once in two years to renew our exemption. Do your best MMU Law School! we're deadly need the exemption since everyone known that even Karpal Singh pun sat CLP for several times.

i would like to share the best movie that i ever watched from the starting of this year since i don't want it to be serious entry and perhaps lame entry T_____T

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

deserved 4/5 stars! a must watch, it's all i can say and no review shall be needed!


the director of Titanic and Avatar but it's an average movie for me. watched 3D and it's not turned out good.

Monday, April 11, 2011

wordless due to workload

it's an addiction, a passion and yes part of my uni-hood memory. thanks aj (u know who u are) for introducing me with the best starter of our friendship and it goes same to aimi who made the passion blooming after long hiatus.

presenting our lovers dulu, kini dan selamanya;


my ear candy till now

and i always believed they split for good;


and still known as DBSK;

in love not-at-so called-first-sight-but-i-rather-believed-tak-dengaq-maka-tak-chenta :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

hi April, hi Sunday

a week break seems run so fast. i'll be back to my daily routine as a student in Malacca. the typical assignments are waiting for the completion and i've to be alert with the coming final exam around May. the rough date has been set by the university which falls on 11 May for Evidence & Procedure in Syariah Court whilst my Labour Law paper on 13 May in the morning. seems two days gap is worthy and i hope there's no such amendment by uni.

being at home is indescribable feeling, as per say is contentedly alive. i love to become a helper for my mom even i'm not good on it. i learned from the basic tips of cooking up to the secret and thanks to my mom for sharing. i do realised that still it's far from perfection but stop from learning is impossible and i believed that keep on trying is a success. Cooking is therapy, my new law of attraction :)

not to forget, i would like to share a day getaway and beautiful lunch with family and him. we headed to Saba' Rest for lunch and opted to go to sunway, ikea & ICT.

our starter with nice karipaps & mountain dew. in love with the karipap for so longggggg!

meatball & daim cake, mine :)

him :)

ICT - me two times been here. first during my previous birthday with ladies of family. RM10 per car not per person basis but we need to pay extra for specific entrance i.e snow room that will cost RM25 for adult & RM20 for child


so called LED rocket

creepy tree :/

extra pay for LED mini zoo but we can snapped the pics outside. sooo, no need to pay, lol!

merajuk face, HAH HA!

LED Christmas tree

what we only bought for our tiny getaway :P from indian mags store, ikano. he has been dreaming for A**i while me love to browse emmmm ehehe the glittering pump. Dream will make us work harder and it's a lovely freedom :)

Let's drool on what i've eaten yesterday like crazily-don't-eat-for-the-whole-life! 3 slices of sandwiches for breakfast, chicken kabsah & Raspberry barbican for lunch, original glazed donut from krispy creme and a piece of karipap with a cup of mountain dew for hi-tea whereas for my dinner... as u can see above and shewarma for supper. Am i a human being? the answer is a workout is a MUST! Gaining weigh is easy and loosing is expecting the unexpectedly for ordinary people. I'll try to work on it (as what i guaranteed previously) for my health. Let's support the healthy life!