Wednesday, March 30, 2011

yum yum wed!

feeling tired due to two exams in a row which only took 15 minutes gap and i've to reset my mind from the employment thingy to evidence and procedure in syariah court. i didn't put much effort but i tried to all out the knowledge of being a law student for 3 years. the tests finished and left two assignments plus a project of cyberpreneurship. it's a bliss when the commitment getting lesser and i can sip the air in tranquility.

alhamdulillah, Allah still gives me the desire to taste and eagerness to explore good things. to cut it short, i'm in love with waffle and ice-cream. a bowl of ice-cream is a smile whereas the waffle is the happiness :) a complete buck-less that made my day!

let's do some pictures telling;

rich of sweet toppings, two scoops of vanilla ice-cream and strawberry jam will do for me :)

set aside the cream and left the ice-cream with chocolate lava! yummeyh :D :D

in fact, i love to own this as part of my kitchen aid instead of so called smartphone or even the sleek and thin ipad.hehe

simple and yet practical :)

it's a yummy yummy wednesday :) i could hear my mom voice and she's getting better, thanks Allah :):) i'm so tired today as two papers in a row but You changed it to a bliss, alhamdulillah :) the commitment reduced and i need strength to complete them as best as i can. stay away from being wicked or even notorious person, let's smile and do enjoy our lovely waffle.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

esok ada komitmen tapi

... tidak kena gayanya tawakal sebelum berusaha. gain the spirit, please!

mama maybe dalam OR sekarang ni kalau diikutkan schedule asal doktor. tidak sabar nantikan call dari mama. mama cakap minor sahaja, tapi itulah mama. sentiasa taknak risaukan anak dengan keadaan diri. yang baik-baik untuk mama, dipermudahkan segalanya, stay healthy and strong, kurangkan kerja please dan segalanya yang terbaik untuk mama, Allahumma amin Allahumma amin Allahumma amin.

sayang sampai syurga!

tiada lebih berharga bagi seorang anak apabila dapat menikmati kejayaan disisi mamanya. tiada kata seindah panggilan mama. tiada kasih seutuh kasih mama. tiada sihat jika tidak mengecapi air tangan mama. tiada syurga jika derhaka pada mama.

tiada bahagia selain membahagiakan mama, insyaAllah :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

happy belated birthday to my lil sis :)

treat my sis at fullhouse sunway pyramid and skate for free since she's own a member card. it's kind of special privilege to the members to get free ticket on their birthday. i didn't joined her since i'm not good in skate though have been tried it for several times. few pictures been taken and let's drool on it...

birthday girl

chicken cutlet for her

pathetic face =(

chicken chop for me

menu, catalog and comic

the ambiance

white birdie besides me ;) does it means i've good aura?

she's 15

and me looked like a mom D:

u can have nice dining area

an adorable wardrobe

i persuaded her Not to buy anything though it's her day. evil laugh* from your stingy sister

and even a bath tub

ouhh perhaps u can take a nap while waiting for your meal :) :)

ashley and tracy, nice to meet u =D

i'm done with the meal!

it's ok for the first time and not again. i do satisfied with the service and of course the ambiance but the taste of the foods not up to the level. (from the bottom of yours' truly heart :k)

cuteeeee. i want to hug that thing too :/

last but not least, Tutti Frutti. love BR to the most!!

nothing much to share as it's not super fantastic birthday bash but in fact it's much valuable as i could spend my precious moment with my sister. a sister bonding persay :) she's not a kid anymore but i prefer to treat her as my little sister.

for my adik,

be a good girl and please growing wiser. the satisfaction only take place when u learn how to appreciate every single thing and do enjoy your teenage world on the right track :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

just my two kupangs

[1995] 3 CLJ 639

am still on my way to digest and swallow something for good, insyaAllah. All iz well :)

The Raja Muda of Johor, Tunku Ismail Ibrahim, was given a tour of the Grand Paragon Hotel’s facilities before he launched the business-class hotel. Looking on at right is the hotel’s chairman Datuk Tan Eng Boon.
(credit to nst)

disclaimer: no offence ye to anyone as i'm just doing my case study :G

Monday, March 21, 2011

Wadi Hadramawt

I'm so thankful to be surrounded by lovely people and what should i say, it's all praised to the Almighty. the love of parents is serene and eternity as nothing much to say but the sovereign phrase would be 'they complete me'. the bond indeed bloomed since me known as an anonymous till hereafter. each of us could feel the same but the acceptance on either sides only differentiate to the certain extent.

Anyway, the tittle doesn't seems to suit well on what i stipulated before. i should change the topic before my readers (if only) boos me.hihi

Me and my family went to Arabian cuisine during my trimester break. it was our first attempt to dine here after my mom being induced by her blogger-mate. we did enjoyed our middle east food addiction at Saba Restaurant in Cyberjaya and Al - Rawsha, Kg. Pandan before and decided to try the best chicken madghout at Wadi Hadramawt in Jln Ampang if i'm not mistaken. What i'm sure was that it's near to Ampang Hilir (embassy residence) and located besides mofaz branch. If u're one of Maher Zain's fan, do come here as he had the experience of dining in this restaurant before and his song being play while u're enjoying your meal :)

cozy and the foods so tempting


lamb kebab

complimentary served to each customer

main course. fully recommended for those who wanna try chicken madghout. this potion basically for four persons came with whole chicken underneath the rice.

turkish coffee for my dad. so pekat one and cannot habis though the cup is small

wadi hadramawt cocktail


The pictures made me so hungry since i just ate sausage, blackpepper cheese, tomatoes and milo for my breakfast. it seems to be a big breakfast for u but my stomach can't stop drumming. i shall stop here and ouhh by the way, for those who're searching for the best place to dine, do come to Wadi Hadramawt to have chicken madghout as your lunch or dinner and perhaps supper :D again, it's fully recommended by me (big eaters) and if u're craving for kabsah, Saba restaurant is excellent! yes, i'm one of the best food promoter indeed!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Singapore Trip - last part

It was our second lovely day in s'pore and started our first point at Marina. nothing much to say as the scenery made us wordless. if u ever had the chance to go to sydney, they're similar but the weather would be different.

here we go~


couldn't stop him from referring to the map D;

the white thing looked like lily is a museum (if i'm not mistaken). uniquely s'pore!

the mall.

they're two of these in front of the mall. this one for the museum and the other one for lv's boutique. good news for lv junkies indeed.

i bet it was too expensive to skate in s'pore and that's why he's the only one who survived. LOL! ouhh anyway, the ice ring is inside the marina bay sand mall.

more to go?

bye bye marina, see u soon :) :)

the biggest fountain in Asia if i'm not mistaken. named as the Fountain of Wealth situated in front of Suntec Mall

s'pore flyer

we're proud with our petronas twin tour and they've menara kembar empat

who's ear is that? :/

here got fremantle as well not only in perth

2nd destination on our 2nd day

me yang gained weight day by day

where u can ride the cruise

restaurants & bars


we're not in beijing ;p

$15 per ride but we purchased the package with two days tours and it's unlimited ride for us

marina again by cruise

sooo unique.

seems a cruise on top of the triplet tower

lots of bridge along our tour cruise and it's one of them

the new supreme court. they uphold justice as high as where the UFO located and that's why s'pore known as a fine city =p

birdie, a symbol of feng shui and it described... unfortunately i forgot.heee

again, it's not Hong Kong

Esplanade; a convention center, opera theater and mall. if Sydney proud of its' opera house, esplanade will do for s'pore

me :0)
the naked boy statue that described about the previous times where the kids jumped into the river for their shower and perhaps an entertainment upon that time. they're good in maintaining the heritage value.

along the river

definitely will see u again, insyaAllah :)

in love with this pic w/out reason

2nd last destination and nothing to buy.hihi i'm a good traveler and not a good shopper (sometimes). we spent our last bucks and coins in DFS or duty free and again off we go to Orchard. nothing much to buy and decided on chocolates as a gift.

my gratitude will go to this tour company, fully recommended for the first traveler

This entry will be the last post for my Singapore Trip. i tried to share as much as i can and this the least i could do. do enjoy the reading and it's much better if we can share the experience for the improvement :) I'm in love with S'pore though it's not my first nor the last time, insyaAllah. we're excitedly to treasure nice places that we missed and places that we'll miss.

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware" - martin buber