Monday, November 28, 2011

of Movies.

for these past few weeks, perhaps ;)

Adam Sandler is always the best in chick-flick movie.

I smurf U !

of chasing the ex ;p

it's all about Ryan Gosling .____.

induced after being impressed by Immortal.

Twillight freak will opt on this for sure and I wasn't in denial as well.
I was melted over Bella wedding dress and her back presentation was goddess. This is more on lovey dovey and no longer adrenaline rush but still I love this movie. I love the way Edward protecting Bella and same goes to Jacob. They're great ! Can't wait to witness the new beginning of Mrs. Cullen in her second life :D RIP to Isabella Marie Swan.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bandung Trip - part 4

Let's rejoice your weekend by munching our shopping bash in Paris Van Java !

We were spoil with the choices and indeed contentedly satisfied with the purchases. I love to bargain up to the seller refuse to accept my offer and ended of win-win acceptance. The items bought are worth to the max where none can be found in our local outlet with that lower price. We'd spend most of the times in Pasar Baru and I do admit that the choices of clothing is nearly perfect from A to Z. It's one of must-visit shopping centre in Bandung besides the most famous Rumah Mode and factory outlets along Jalan Dago.

Pasar Baru;

I did mentioned in my previous entry where I didn't shop for myself in Rumah Mode since nothing interest to my liking. Lucky me because I could find the same items from Rumah Mode with much cheaper price with good qualities and of course look better. Where on earth was that? It's just along the street of our hotel -__________- The last minute shopping is always the best and I am wholeheartedly agreed since I could find my Burberry jeans with the craziest price. I didn't remember the precise name of the outlet but it's one of the factory outlets at Cihempelas Walk or CiWalk. I'm in love with the street instead of others. We spend our left evening by walking along the street and experienced the nightlife of Sundanese.

I'd a walk with my dad night before off-ed to KL along the said street to buy our dinner and bumped into one of their convenience store. It was similar to 7E but much better since they provide sets of tables and chairs for the customers to enjoy their cuppas or they can even satisfy the empty stomach with any of instant meals bought from the store itself. Mind you, the store is selling instant lasagna, sandwiches, baked macaroni, pasta and even lunch boxes ! Microwave is of course being provided in order to re-heat the instant meals. I kept blinking my eyes to ensure I wasn't in Milan by mistake !

The last chapter of our shopping bash in Bandung was in Toko Tiga where they provide with different brands of jeans. Named it ! Levis, Lee Cooper, Lois, Giorgio Armani or even Harley Davidson with of course way less cheaper compared to ours. They can even alter accordingly for FOC and they provide the best workmanship in town. The best part was I am able to get my original National Geographic tees where that was my first time ever witnessing the tee in front of me. Lucky you if you have one since I was only saw the tee being wear by the hunters in Discovery Channel. Not to forget, my magenta Burberry shirt and Hawaiian inspired by Lois :D

Sunday, November 20, 2011

of 17.

left to right: Lead Counsel & Co - counsel of Appellant, my Co - counsel & me of Respondent.

17 October 2011: Safely landed in Bandara Hussein Sastranegara, BANDUNG !

17 November 2011: Tied up black and white, bow to the judge, High Court is ready for appeal session, raised defences on behalf of the client, judgment: Defence granted !

Marked this as the first case in my entire life. Good beginning. Alhamdulillah :) Nor the least, InsyaAllah.

Thanks Mr. Desmond for your nice encouragement. To my parents for sure, I'm blessed.

Brom Brom Circuit Sdn. Bhd. should be thankful to us and not to forget ours' percents :))) Lawyers need to wear Armani instead. Hahah!

17, blissful date.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bandung Trip - part 3

Tangkuban Parahu is one of the non-active volcano in Bandung and now become the landmark in Indonesia. It was a great experience by having chance to visit such a beautiful place. We've been to Danau Toba which situated in Medan long time ago and the view quite much different. Let's drool your eyes on the photos taken during our trip since I've less idea to write down our best memoir at Tangkuban Parahu.

These guys will accompany you till the end of the journey. They may said there is no charge of helping to hold your bags etc besides ensuring the journey is safe BUT beware once you've touch down the final stop where they will sell anything that make no sense in term of price. Don't ever buy since the thing is ridiculous expensive and please affirm on your decision. They will non-stop forcing to buy by giving reason that they've helped to make your journey smooth. Bear in mind that the kindness of these person are always double sided and don't easily make transaction in RM if you've fail or give up of being force.

The only plant that could survive from the conduction of larva and the origin color of that tree is actually not black but chocolate likes a normal tree. It has been wrapped by sulfur for a long time.

Pow! .____________________.

The art of nature. SubhanAllah!

We bought these berries once we reached the way back of our journey. The weather not much different from Cameron Highland and the produces are similar. The entry fee is Rph50000 or around RM17 per head. Half of our day was spend wisely at this breathtaking place and it's time to be back to the town. Ladies MUST surely excited on my next entry xD

Friday, November 4, 2011

Bandung Trip - part 2

Good Morning people ! Have a Barakah Friday ahead ! I'll continue on our journey in Bandung and adding some info that may help my readers (if any) hehe. We've opted to have body massage on the first day of arrival. It was situated in Jalan Setiabudi which was in walking distance to Rumah Mode.

The interior design of Spa Gallery. We did the whole body massage including aromatherapy and my sister did her pedicure and manicure together with hand massage. It was not too cheap nor pricey but reasonable in term of their services. Spa-ing in Indonesia is a MUST for the visitors since the cost is the most reasonable even we did in the hotel itself.

They served 2 pieces of donut for each of us besides the most 'horror' ginger tea once we finished our session. I couldn't finish the tea since the taste is too yucks but good for health. We decide to have our dinner later to the nearest restaurant which is also common to Malaysian people.

Nasi Padang is the most famous in Indonesia where they served variety of dishes and they'll charge according to what we eat. The taste not much different to our local dishes and fine to our tastebud.

To be continue. :)