Friday, October 29, 2010

i'm lovin it

there's no ambiguity to admit that i'm one of the food lover's in this planet. i shall not to discuss the food generally as it'll take quite a long entry and this will make my readers keep on yawning. just want to share the most fav meal when i go to mcd and it becomes my addiction which is not good of course for the health :( but how am i going to control it?..

i'll buy mcd spicy chicken most of the time when i go to mcd and during past fasting month, i ate once a week (at least) for break fast =( it's an addiction but guilty on conclusion. The taste is much more scrumptious compared to KFC. and yesterday i had it for my dinner =.=

this fillet o fish not so a devil for my diet but by hook or by crook it may gives harm since it is a fast food but i love it so much. i'll go for it if i'm not so hungry and it is the super duper delicious light meal.

i tried black pepper spicy chicken mcdeluxe and milo mcflurry once but i wholeheartedly will go for spicy chicken or fillet o fish ;D ouhh to be added here, chocolate sundae is one of my fav ever! sweet in your mouth and melting in your heart. i want it nowwwwwwwwww!


Happy belated birthday to baba!
Wish for your prosperous and always be healthy!

Happy wonderful 21st birthday to my all time comel & gebu pona!
May Allah bless you and success will always be part of your journey!

Love to all :)

Hi everyone. i'm in law library now. Not doing any revision but streaming the movie & drama below. I love friday since the mood of weekend has been started. I've a presentation to be prepare but i put it aside for a moment. C'mon guys, enjoy your blissful life ;D

It's quite a long time i want to watch Heaven's Postman but due to certain technical problem on youtube, i've to wait till it being recovered.

I found good feedback from those who watched this drama. It's totally different from most of kdrama before and i'm terribly want to watch it. Since i've free time till tomorrow i'll marathon and hopefully to finish it by next week. Please don't remind me about assignment, tutorial, mooting, court attendance or whatsoever for the time being>,<"

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Not much to share here. Have a good weekend :0)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dear longchamp,

i've been looking for this kind of bag. not to say as a handbag since it is widely used to protect the expensive Coach, Miu Miu, LV, Chanel or any kind of super expensive hb when it catch in raining or when u want to put your Chanel on the floor. Since i'm not into Coachism yet, the lovely red longchamp is enough to make me contentedly smile and the price can be said as reasonable. Am still browsing the best price to be deal of and it was my first time bidding through the internet.

i'd stop the bid since the price keep 'growing' and it's a 2nd hand item and i want the red one! :(

Can i've them? :D :D


Monday, October 25, 2010

bundle of JOY :)


i pass all the subjects taken for last trimester

Criminal Law 1

Family Law 1
Mooting 1
Islamic Law 1

TERIMA KASIH untuk mama & baba yang sentiasa mendoakan, kasih sayang yang infinity, financial support sehingga saya tidak kenal erti meminta, sentiasa memberi sokongan moral via membebel dsb. TERIMA KASIH buat lecturers yang meng'lecture' serta tidak meng'list'kan nama saya kepada the honourable barring list walaupun sebenarnya boleh dikira layak (",).

TERIMA KASIH sayang saya tujukan buat keluarga yang memahami serta mendoakan kejayaan ahli keluarga anda ini. tidak lupa juga TERIMA KASIH buat sahabat-sahabat, kawan-kawan dan teman-teman tidak kira yang dekat atau jauh dimata (dah macam ucapan raya di perantauan =P). orang-orang di sekeliling saya & yang pernah menjadi part of my life, TERIMA KASIH buat anda. kerjasama & understanding yang saya terima di Kenny Rogers Roaster Mahkota Parade, TERIMA KASIH buat staf-staf & manager yang banyak membantu. Ikhlas saya cakap saya amat terharu dengan kerjasama yang mereka berikan terutama ketika saya menghadapi test, assignment dateline atau exam.

Last but not least, TERIMA KASIH buat Najib yang sentiasa support saya especially when i'm down & layan kerenah saya yang malasnya macam koala (budget comel ",). To be honest, saya sangat touching & speechless when he said just now " sayang ingat tak ajib pernah janji awal sem dulu yang ajib guide sayang till u pass all the subject?" Lepas tu saya buat-buat lupa supaya dia tak kembang sebesar Selat Melaka. And now, Alhamdulillah i hit the jackpot & i'm so happy of it though tak dapat duit macam main casino =.="

TERIMA KASIH sayang cinta to all of you! Saya tahu benda ni sangat common for those yang every sem result super duper bombastic but for me it is my bundle of joy that i would like to share with people around me. For my friends, lets keep it up and it must be noted here that our life is like a wheel. Sometimes we're so happy to be at the top but we shall not forget it may goes down to ensure the wheel will keep moving. Everything has its own meaning behind, Allah yang Maha Mengetahui disebalik rahsia dan sebaik-baik Perancang :) Failure is not to be mourn but it is another step towards success. It will make us try hard, harder and hardest till the end of our life.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

eat pray love




i watched this movie with the new couple, trex my gf, zul my gf's bf, my gf bf's roommate and najib. not so impressed me and same goes to others. it might have good messages but sounds typical. for those who read the novel will find the movie not so turn out as what been expected. but Ketut (local actor while liz in Bali) did very well and cheered up the mood. i love the scene in Italy, the script that well blended with scrumptious type of food. that's the most part that i enjoyed.

not to forget, we're having a short break for two weeks. hari raya still in the mood and i spend most of the weekend visiting family and friend. lots of open house and of course yeayy for the food. oh, i'm on my way to finish Bumi Cinta by habiburrahman el-shirazi. it's a nice story line that took place in Moscow. i'll share with my lovely readers once i finish it. insyaAllah..