Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Done !

of Resting.

Alhamdulillah !
Hit the end of first trimester of Delta year. It's a big relief. I wish Allah will grant what's the best for me and for the sake of future. It's fundamental to looking forward. I did self postmortem once the examination has ended. The only answer that I've obtained is that, the guarantee of success is begin from the first day of class and onwards. No means of skipping the classes, must do well in midterm tests and so do the assignments. Perhaps should be added the fully commitment towards tutorial. They are considered as a yardstick of success in examination.

I'll be having two weeks of trimester break. No books, statutes and cases to be deal of. What shall i do during the break? I'll share 'em later once the break is over. I've re-arranged my tiny room and i was happy for that. Much comfort and girlish HIHI :3 This temporary freedom shall be follow with some treat right? I've opted to have good lunch in Seoul Garden before going back to Puchong. Nyom nyom nyom ! Meat arghhh remind me of Gu Miho. Hahah!

Reminder reminder!
The workloads are waiting for me to entertain them once the break comes to an end. Mooting competition will make some noise and I shall be alert from time to time regarding the written submission. Sigh. Leave it for a while. Say hi to holiday and bye to commitment !

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moviessss :D

What I had for this September?

Effing fun for Johnny English Reborn and indeed worth for second time third fourth bla bla bla. Hantu Bonceng? Typical Malay's movie. HEHE Average on Colombiana but I love this kind of genre. Salivating towards Taylor Lautner (Nathan) in Abduction and what need to say for this movie? Average T_______________T

I hate froyo in JCO. Damn yucks! But I love BR. Strawberry Cheesecake for last night to cool off my mood due to freakin' hot weather in Malacca. Thanks darl for the treat :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hard Rock tee.

Thanks isha for this precious gift. Am really love it ! Much !
The eight collection of my HR tee from London !
Considered as part of my passion and excitement. This one thing that I couldn't share with others. Do call me stingy-ass. I won't care. Hahah !
What's the first of mine?
From Indonesia (Jakarta if i'm not mistaken) - Dubai - Seoul - Phnom Penh - Kuala Lumpur - New York - Singapore - London - shallnotstophere =p

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Of United States of America

Of the said date, 11 Sept 2001. The entire State were mourned for the past 10 years and perhaps each of the nation in this earth. They were killed for no valid reason neither be warned. Inhumanity is the the only phrase to describe whosoever committed such violence. Same goes to what we have in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and any other countries that being oppressed by the veto power. Humanity will never differentiate people regardless of religions, races or any differences. The simple way of life but still we're playing with dissatisfaction. Then the war will begins..

I won't discriminate people. We did our best to strive and do survive in this world. We need each other. Holding one another to stand still. Easy peasy but neither exist in reality. State is my list-to-visit-countries in 10 years time. InsyaAllah. Am starting to fall in love with New York, Seattle, Florida and Manhattan. Looking forward for this and in need to work hard or to the fullest !

Friday, September 9, 2011

The day of great people(s).

Reminiscing of beautiful memory lanes sometimes is hard to put in words. It is the magic of being surrounded by precious people(s). They might not be visible for each sec but having them in our heart is better. To make it short, this entry is specially dedicate to my mom, a friend of mine since the very first day in my secondary and also a friend starting the day of orientation in my uni life. They are blissfully celebrating their born day upon this month and I'll try to look forward for this great moment.

Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday ! Happy Happy Birthday ! May Allah will shower this great peoples with barakah, happiness, good health, growing wisely, enjoyment of life (in a very good way), wealthy and each of best wishes in the world !

This greatest woman in the whole planets born on 7th September 195*. She loves gardening but me not. She loves to cook good food and me love to taste. She loves to shop and I love too ! She cares much. She cleans for every minute and me laze in sofa bed for the whole day. She loves blogging and the follower keep increasing *envy*. She loves her family and rabbit but not cat ;)

Isha 13th September 1989. Met her during my first year in secondary and the bond flourish till today. Ain't easy to have a friend in my life. The meaning of friend is subjective since we're not tie with blood relationship but still we could maintain good relationship. Friends surely may come and go. Those who keep still are filtered after happiness and chaos took place. He will test us with three things: wayfarer with our friend, sleep in a pillow and lastly we fight but able to endure it.

My little cutie pie Azah wearing red shirt was born on 14th September 1989. She loves to call me Memo. Memo memo and perak accent will take place. Hehehe We're starting our bond in the first day of orientation while waiting for Maghrib prayer in the mosque. She became my roommate for 3 years ++ and she's the best roommate I'd ever have. No sentap sentap scenario and we're able to tolerate in each matters. I'm very thankful to have her in my life. She loves to help me regardless of my own interest. She's trying her best wake me up for Subuh prayer and same goes if i take nap before our class. She's is my classmate, assignment mate and lepaking mate for every semester. The very best part of her (hard to find) is she never talk bad about people though someone hurt her badly and she'll try to put it in positive way. Respect much !

Am really miss the moment to read Shin Chan comics in our room with her. Pillow-talking for the whole night and our main issue is horror movie lol ! And we did share in some personal thingy that we wouldn't share to outsiders. She 's good in keeping secret. She loves to eat egg tart and durian. Hehehe She'll be my co-counsel for our moot competition and we're praying for the best !

ps: the good friend is the one who can accompany you where ever you are but the best friend is the one who can lean a shoulder and put our matters in positive way besides she or he will leave you to cheer with others but visible when you really need someone. Partners on the other hand adalah mereka yang 'weyhhhhh jom tengok movie malam ni kat jj baruuuuuuuu', 'jonker jommmmm ahad ni' or 'eh kauuuu, aku sentap hokay kau keluar pergi pak putra dengan balak kau'. That's life. TGIF people !

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Singapore upon Ramadhan. Ayayyay!

Four of my family heading to S'pore last Sunday to meet my sis in law and her mom. They came to S'pore to have short holiday before flew to Karambunai, Sabah. It was our very last minute decision. Mom was hesitate to go as Raya is so soon. Little chaos for Eid preparation should be consider. Dad on the other hand finally decide to bring all of us and start our long journey on Saturday night. It seems to be our short holiday and yet rush but we're contentedly happy to meet two of 'em.

Not much places to visit since i've been there last Feb and my parents celebrated their anniversary in S'pore on last Dec. They're having sale in S'pore but the price was still pricey compared to Malaysia in term of currency since it was increased in little amount. We opted to have short walk along Orchard, take a rest in the nearest Mosque and lastly off to Marina. My SIL and her mom not yet arrived in Changi Airport and we decided to wait 'em in Marina Mandarin Hotel.

Meet two of 'em around 5.30 pm, do some check-in and stuff before going to Bugis St. to have our Iftar. Zam Zam Restaurant is a must visit if you're in S'pore. The Murtabak and beryani could not resist at all! We'd super long chat that day. I've nothing much to write it here since the pictures worth thousand story to be tell.

Selamat Hari Raya ! Maaf zahir & batin !
From yours truly.