Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Start of New Sem

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

Hai everyone. :) It's quite a heaty day in Melaka now and make me exhausted even though i'm not really packed yet of too many work to do and still no need to attend the Tutorial classes on the 1st week. I love my life for the last semester because I'd achieved what I was targeted. Alhamdulillah no 'dur thani' or supp paper that i have to re-seat. I was free from the annoying people during that time that gave credits to my concentration of my studies.

I take 2 subjects for this semester and i think I'd already fall in love with them. Both are related to Islam which are Islamic Constitutional Law and Evidence & Procedure in Syariah Court. Dr. Masum was the one who thought Constitutional Law 1 for last sem will again teach us for the Islamic Consti subject. The 2nd subject will be teach by woman lecturer that I'm not remember her name for the meantime. (",)

I'd already built my study plan and i have to follow the flow to achieve my target. I need to be more discipline person after this. Yes, i admit that i did involved in so many 'perkara yang x bepaedah' and love to 'membuang masa' before this. But, i assumed those thing make me matured enough. I knew it was hikmah to me. From worse to good. From looser to better. And i want to be the best not on the eyes of people but on the eyes of Allah. Different people might have different perception. The principle that make me realized the truth of life.

I did registered for 4 subjects in this semester at first. But, when i kept thinking of the consequences, i drop 2 subjects which were Malaysian Studies and Intro to Cyberpreneurship. I don't want to go through the hectic time again, so it make me to do the decision. Just take 2 subjects in order to achieved what was i targeted at first. I hope i can achieved as i wish, InsyaAllah and please pray for me also. (*_*). Remind me if i forget ok!

There are only 3 days of classes per week but it doesn't mean that i can 'bersenang-lenang' to do anything. I only have classes on Monday which is 1.00 p.m to 3.oo p.m lecture and also 5.00 p.m to 7.00 p.m. Then, on Tuesday i have classes at 8.00- 10.00 a.m and 2.00-4.oo in the noon which is Tutorial while on Tthursday 8.00-10.00 a.m and 4.00-6.00 p.m. I have no time to go to gym according to my time table. But, it's ok to me because I can jog during weekend and I'd already brought the Squash racket. I need to have some exercise at least once a week to release my stress on study or anything and if not it might burst my mind.

Since i was entered my class for this sem, i realized that there are so many task i have to complete and i have to make it proper as i can. That's my promise to myself. I don't want to behave like 'melepas batuk di tangga' by giving the effect to my assignment-mates. I only have 7 weeks plus minus 'makan & tidur' to finish my 2nd sem. So, i have to fight for it! Biiznillah :)


yani_worldpeace said...

anyway, good luck in your study...

syamimi azmira said...

to worldpeace:

Thanks! Pray for me...

Anonymous said...

Saya teringat satu frasa, untuk menerima banyak, kita perlu memberi lebih banyak juga.
Berikan saja,tanpa terfikir sedikit pun akan mendapat ganjarannya satu masa nanti. Kerana, Allah tahu apa yang terbaik untuk hambaNya.
Janji, kita teruskan saja memberi.

syamimi azmira said...

to Shinja:

Ya. Terima kasih atas pandangan yang diberikan. Saya mengakuinya. Erti hidup pada memberi. Frasa yang digunakan untuk menggalakkan kerjasama 2 hala antara manusia. Siapa yang sudi, saya hulurkan semampu saya. InsyaAllah :)