Tuesday, June 7, 2011

East Coast trip with fams ♥

Not much to say as the pictures will be the best mediator of my holiday starting with Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan apart Cameron Highland & Ipoh listed under our en route places. We spend a day in Jerteh since my dad started his new dam project somewhere in Besut. The first plan for beach getaway in Perhentian has been changed due to weather and we decided to stay in Kota Bharu. We've no idea where to go in Kota Bharu since we've been there for quite numbers of time. Apart from that, we've promised ourselves not to spend for unnecessary items as what we did before. The joy for this holiday is FOOD and we owed the responsible to treasure the unique of their taste.

Ketibaan kami disambut oleh DYMM Sultan Kelantan ;)

jetty to Perhentian.
will cost you RM75 approx including return ticket and tax.

ouhh Mama♥

ouhh Baba and Adik♥

Pasar Siti Khadijah - the women seller conquer the market :)

leleh tak? ehehehe. It's too big, i bet!
RM5 min up to RM15 each for prawn.

turtle egg - i wonder whether it's legal or not :[

buah salak - i prefer the pickle.

mouthwatering, confirm! perhaps they're imported from Thailand

ther're kind of famous with serunding or in western known as chicken floss

tak sah pergi pantai timur tak beli kopok keping

super attractive batik - biarlah orang cakap sutera china very soft or vietnam punya kain comfort to wear or kain Dubai nice to see or even Italy silk marvelous. I'm so affirm and proud with our batik as the design or particularly the flowers nampak hidup. Indescribable!

Kelantanese hardly seen to shop here as the price can get cheaper somewhere in Pasar Munduk, Siam. Walaupun kita cakap wowwww murah gilerr tudung dia, hup tu det pulak! Tak rugi beli untuk kak ngah, cikgu sekolah, jiran etc. If we have no enough time to go to Munduk (not require passport), try to compare with other shops and bargain to death. As for my thought, tak rugi beli kat sini jugak as the price will double or even more in KL. Balik jangan menyesal =D

worded and pictured, checked!

I ♥ cuti-cuti Malaysia and NOW I proudly screams, CAN'T HELP FALLIN' LOVE WITH BUDU!!

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