Friday, July 15, 2011

Salam Jumaat :)

I've abandoned my blog these past few days. Miss to write something but need to settle some chaos. Life seems getting hectic day by day. I'm afraid of growing older but it's a fact of gaining wiser. I'll do my best and i believed Allah will do the rest :) It's a rainy day in Malacca. I want to rest before struggling for Land Law test on this Monday. Please pray for me.

A bit sad since my hp is not functioning well and it always stuck esp when i need to text on the spot. I love this hp so much as it has served me smoothly before. I did hurt him several times for several reasons. I do regretted on what i've done and promised not to do the same thing again. It's like a bad habit that none of my heart wanted to do that 'thing' but the action taken beyond my control. tsk tsk! Humbly apologize to my dear hp for not treated it nicely and sorryyyyyyyyyyy to najib who gave this precious phone. Please recover asap and be nice to me ok! :DD

What else need to share? Ouhh i went to MP-DP last night and watched Green Lantern. Nor in our plan at the first place. I wanted to buy some stuff and went to LG center but end up buy nothing. Me and Najib just having a Connie Dog set for each of us but good enough to satisfy my craving T___________T Shops nearly closed their business after we're finishing our meal. Sad meh! We decided off to GSC and checked the showtimes for any movies. Since we're not part of Harry Potter followers, we opted to watch GL as no others interesting movies. No review for GL and the only feedback to be given is jengjejeng zero stars! *evil and sarcasm face* I'm dying for Monte Carlooooooooooo!

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