Saturday, July 14, 2012


I've so many things to tell but I do not know how. How to begin the writing, the allocation of the contents and so forth. I shall start with some random update perhaps. Or let the photos do the story? :/ Yeah, I'm getting lazier by now.
Justify Full
1) A week before was my long hectic week as I'd my replacement classes for no reason. Universities lecturers are way diligent rather than the student. Eight freaking hours class for Jurisprudence where we had morning classes till 10 at night. I couldn't imagine the real life of a lawyer in future. The other subjects yet not be included. sigh. As per reward for the sacrifice of being oblige, I'd indulge my weekend by having me time at the bowling center. My hypertension was automatically turned down and back to my normal life. I was delighted indeed!

2) I couldn't deny the fact that of being a particular shopper when it comes to clothe and accessories. I might spend for a whole day to buy just a piece of shirt but end up get nothing if it ain't attach to my liking. The brand is not the matter but the feeling to posses that item from the bottom of my heart supposed to be prevail. Sounds exaggerating right? The bright side is I won't shop frequently :)

It was my second time of having ThePoplook dresses. The feedback was not bad either and my first experience went smooth in line with the contract which I received the item a day after. Fast, isn't it? I'd fallen in love with below dress which I bought this morning. It was plain but suitable for any occasions. Multipurpose, it is!

Penny Chiffon Maxi Dress - Navy.

3) Am I a robot? lol!


Zaitun said...

Cantik bajunya.

Nur-nba said...

Nice dress.. Jarang nak beli barang secara online.

Anonymous said...

Salam, I'm very sorry for this intrusion but I've been searching high and low for this dress. If you ever feel like you'd like to let go of it, please contact me at azurin.rahim[at]
Again, sorry for this intrusion.