Monday, November 5, 2012

Insaf, Jalan TAR

I'd always wanted to try new places for having good foods be it from street stalls and up to fine dine. Good food and travel is my middle name but I don't speak Prada. I won't understand. Hihi! I'm not a picky eater, love to try any new menus so long it is Halal. I've heard before that people kept mumbling the good taste of Insaf's Beriani but never had the chance to try it out. I was so enthusiastic to have the Beriani's once I backed from Genting. We had late lunch upon that and only God knows that our stomachs were growling along the journey. The waiters welcome us nicely once we entered the restaurant and luckily their air-conditioner functioned well. For KL people, you would know the weather along Jalan TAR right? The crowd, heavy traffic and loads of foreigners > <

Look at his too much focus put forward upon the food. The below picture was his first round of Insaf's Beriani and later he asked for Chicken Kurma Beriani. Two plates in one shot and yet he can maintained his ideal weight. Huhh! He had lamb Beriani at first but he preferred on Chicken Kurma. The best he said and two thumbs up was given.


I opted fried chicken the most. The meat was tender and juicy and what I love the most is it was not too dry. The taste blended nicely with the aroma of the rice which it comes with moist texture. Acar and Papadom will be served together with the Beriani. The price wise is RM14 for a set of Beriani regardless of lamb, beef or chicken. I ordered Mango lassi for the drink and it also taste nice. It's preferable to quench your thirst during the sunny day. It's a bit overprice for a drink with such tiny glass which was RM6.00 $_______$

Long post but I hope it would be helpful for those who never been to this place before and yet love to try. The restaurant situated besides Minerva bookstore along Jalan TAR. You'll be easily spot this place as it facing the main road.

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