Saturday, July 12, 2008


Salam alaik,

It's already about one year i studied in MMU Melaka and living in Emeralad Park at Bukit Beruang ( which is known as Bear Hills nearly to Beverly Hills...:P). Just kidding ok! Before this, i stayed at University Apartment, Tmn BBU. It's quite far actually and need to cross the road. But, i preferred stayed in UA because it's look like family home type and less local student stayed there. Most of them were international student so i can feel like stay in foreign country. Hehe...:D After finished my trimester 2, i moved to EP which is very near to MMU. It's located in front of the MMU main gate. It's a student residency and of course full with rules and regulation. Whatever it is, i feel comfortable staying here because no need to clean the house ( makcik cleaner will come twice a week for the maintenance) hehe...thanks auntie.

~ with my kakek ~

Today I'm going to share about my close friend here. Firstly, my kakek. I called my kak Zakiah kakek because she is like my sis here.She is very take care of me especially for my ibadah. She usually asked me whether I'd already perform solah or not. Asked me to attend Usrah although sometimes both of us busy with assignment, exam etc. She said Islam is the most important in our lives and is the way of your life. She teach me how to hafaz Quran and certain thing that she learned in Maahad Muhammadi. Now, she doing her practical in Kelana Jaya. I wish best luck to u my dear kakek. Work hard and show to the others that u can do it. She's also going to further her studies in Al-Azhar, Egypt after finishing her degrees here. Wish me to follow your step ok...:)

~ not so popular actually ~

p/s: kakek thanks for the memo that u put it at my board. I might not fulfill it for certain thing because of certain reason. Sorry for that. I'll tell the reason later. Pray for me k!

The next person is my Azah. She is my roommate, classmate, course mate and borak mates. Hehe...:P. She came from Perak and she is very humble person. We have same interest which is interested to Arab including Arabians, Arab song, meals, Arabic Language and so on. The important thing it must be Arab. I don't know why, it's like we're having Arab syndrome. Huhu...:D. She is one of the comic's addict. She has collection of Doraemon, Shin Chan and Conan. Every week i thing, she must buy the comics that she doesn't has yet. That's she is, my cute mate. . . =D

~ azmieza, me n azah during lecture ~

People sometimes call him Hazwan, Awan, Hazwan Cerap, Wan and whatsoever . He is an Electrical Engineering student and now he studied in MMU Cyber ( City of Intelligence ) - must state this...:D. He is also one of my friends here. I closed to him ( as a friend only. read: friend only! not scandal ) after went to Rehlah in Masjid Tanah, Melaka if i'm not mistaken. Later, we always met in campus, EP ( he stayed in EP also ) and Yellow Conner which is one of our place to dine. He such a good boy and caring to other person. Tak suka menyusahkan orang punya type until he admitted, less person only know. I'm happy to have a friend like him and hope u become successful one day. Ok !!!

~ with apa-cer ~

p/s: kurangkan aktiviti bergosip pasni, tingkatkan iman dengan memantapkan ibadah anda di Cyber tu ye. Jangan terbawak-bawak lg ke'desperate'dan anda itu di sana. Wish u best luck. XoXo...:P

~ very funny family 'face' in this pic (mcm cover siri sinetron) ~

Long time no see my kak ecah here in Melaka. Dengar cerita akak kat Shah Alam ye? Kak Ecah is also one of my lovely kakak here in Melaka. Always guide me when sometimes i feel lost and missing. She always tarbiyyah me, advise and listen to my problems. Sporting person that I'm not afraid to tell u about my admire. Keep the secreto ye kak. She graduated from MMU this year and i feel very lost. Whatever it is, i hope u still be my kak ecah like before. Advice me if i'm doing wrong and u already know that I'm open type person. Wish u to meet someone that can guide u to the Righteous and give u happiness. I miss the sweet moment with u. Usrah together, breakfast moment, joging and etc. Pray for me ye kak ecah !!!...:)

Uhibbukum Fillah

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