Friday, August 22, 2008

Mari Kita Enjoy !!!

Helo everyone,

Now i'm going to tell u about my vacation with my best buddies last Monday. A week before that, Isha did asked me whether i'm free or not for this week because INTEC students will have a holiday and she didn't plan to go anywhere. She came on Sunday morning and i fetched her at Melaka Sentral alone because my T-Rex had a program with Usrah which is called Kembara Ilmu if i'm not mistaken in KL on that day.

We cooked Tomyam for our lunch and it's so yummy...:D Hehe... It's quite 1 year we're not cook together. Really miss that moment. So, after taking our meal and had a short break, we decided to go to Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade. We're just had a sightseeing and Isha bought 1 blouse at MP while i bought 1 Kaftan for Mama at DP. I think Malacca is not the right place to shop so much compared to KL. So, i preferred just to had a window shopping and same like Isha.

We went back around 9.30pm and we're not taking our dinner yet because we wanted to cook again. We cooked a simple Mushroom Fried Rice and it's again satisfied our stomach. Isha said it's better to cook by our own self rather than eat outside. It's all because the quality of the food are not reasonable to the price that will charge us. :(

On the next day, i had a Malaysian Legal System tutorial at 8.00 -9.00 a.m. There's no class after that because on Monday, my schedule is quite free. After the class, i went back and i felt quite shock because Isha and T-Rex had already prepared for our breakfast. They cooked fried rice and Nugget. Very tasty...:P It's so heaven Hunny because it's quite a long time we're not gathered like this. It's much better if Fana joined us. But it's ok. Maybe next time yeah. :)

Around 10.30 a.m we rushed to MC to take bus to go to Taman Mini Malaysia. We already planned tp go there. Around 12.oo p.m we reached there and we're so excited to enjoy our day. I'm not going to tell on detail just enjoy the pic ok. :D

~ T-Rex and Isha: Delegation of Perlis :D ~

~ Weird cara T-Rex masak :P ~

~ Huhu ~

~ Kalau duduk dpn pintu org tua2 kata apa ye ? :p ~

Mana apinya Isha ? :-/

~ Ayula kunun :O ~

Promoting Kedah (apa maknanya ni ? = D )

~ Tak de hujan pun :) ~

~ Suka tahap melampau ~

~ Ayah, ibu & anak ~

~ Mengukir janji di bawah cendawan :-) ~

~ Teman tapi Mesra ~

~ Bergambar bersama ~

Yang mana satu pengantin lelaki ??? :-P

Pengantin laki larikss :-( tapi mcm suka. Pelik :P

Penantian itu suatu penyiksaan :p senyum dalam duka :)

Muka melampau. Kat Muar je pun Isha oii..:)

Ni agak pelikSss. Terlebih feel..:D

~ Over penat membanting tulang ~

~ Boleh dijadikan mengukur ketinggian ~

T-rex, Isha (berdiri) syamimi (duduk) fana (dalam pegangan syamimi) :D

~ Kami ~

~ Nak belasah sape ni T-rex ??? Mcm tau je :P ~

~ Tadau ko tolu utk tadau do tamu, jambatan Tampouroli....x ingat da :D ~

~ Mau ke mana ibu-ibu sekalian ? :) ~

~ Gumbira ~

~ Halwa telinga ~

(^-^) The End (^_^)


Lutfi Lokman a.k.a kamitaken said...

orang tua-tua kata, kalau duk depan pintu..

"tepilah sikit..susah orang nak lalu!"hahahah

syamimi azmira said...

Hahaha... pandai btul menyelami hati orang tua-tua.

tu kata-kata orang tua skrg kot...:D