Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baba * Nyonya

En.Baba & Pn.Nyonya


Sudah seminggu lebih saya tidak meng'update' blog ni. Rindu pulak rasanya nak menaip sesuatu di sini. Kebelakangan ni saya agak sibuk sikit dengan beberapa Assignment yang perlu disiapkan & preparation kuiz untuk yang akan datang. Hari ni (sabtu) saya dan assignment-mates Malaysian Studies buat satu trip ke Jonker Walk untuk menyelongkar dan menelusuri kehidupan Baba & Nyonya di Bandar Hilir Melaka.


L2R: Fui Ting, Chye Boon, Me, Begi and Shakira

Begi and I waited Shakira who fetched us in front of Ixora around 1pm. Then, we went to Melaka Sentral to print some question for the reseacrh while Shakira had her lunch. Begi already had her lunch at home and i just had my breaklunch. At first, we promised to gather at Sentral but our two other members were stucked in traffic jammed. So they just straightly to Jonker Walk and wait for us there.

Kasut Manek
for lil 1 year old.very tomey :D

At 2pm, 5 of us already entered the Baba & Nyonya Museum and we paid RM8 per person. It's quite expensive and not really reasonable according to their service. We're guided by the tour guide who wear the kebaya nyonya but i don't think it's their proper traditional costume because she didn't put on the sanggul called chignon and not wearing the Kasut Manek which typically hand made and look so cute. If she wear all those thing, perhaps the tourist could imagine their real costume.

fenin wif these stuff.LOL.

I'm quite disappointed with the museum because they're not allowed us to snap any pic. Pictures are very important to us for the assignment and our presentation. I also asked the worker there if we can ask any question about their culture esp their foods, costumes, and languages but she rejected it. She said the tour guide will explained it completely but it's just a briefed explaination and quite rushed. So, we had no chance to ask her on detail and just a few of the stuff had the small information on it. We took around 30 minutes inside the museum and later we walked to the baba&nyonya shops which sort of their galleries. I think it's more better than the museum. We could snap pictures and asked the uncle (baba) and auntie (nyonya) in details.

Shakira & Begi

Then we just passed by the other shops that i don't think they're related to baba&nyonya. We went to the the restaurants which were popularly known in Malacca. Both of the rest were belong to baba&nyonya. Most of their culture looked similar to Malay especially on how we eat and concerned about the boundaries between men and ladies who are not married yet. That's what i noticed today. They're not using chopstick and even spoon or fork. The ladies also cannot see directly the men who come to their house. In addtion, they also had the match-maker tradition as we had before.

Sunburn+tired faces(^-^)

Baba&nyonya. It's all about the mix-marriages between Chinese(baba) & local people(nyonya). The nyonya mostly were javanese and bugis and they're not Muslims. So, they married to the Chinese people who were traders during the Malacca Sultanate. The Chinese traders came to Malacca to get spices from the local people and changed with their tea. Tea was the popular and expensive item at that time. Only certain people afford to exchange their item to get the tea. 'Pertembungan budaya' was happened on that time when the traders came to trade and met the local people. Other than baba&nyonya, mix-marriage also happened between Malay and Indian which called Malayalam if i'm not mistaken.

Begi wif her cendol. "Cannot eat anymore.What kind of food,huh?"
The rest, "blur" -dunno to translate in Eng, but we tried to explain :P~

She's Mongolian ma.

I think it's enough for today. The others I'll keep it secretly for my assignment :D So, enjoy ur weekend guys.

Some of baba&nyonya are Hokkien

upps. Lupe nak bagitau. That's one thing attracted me in the baba&nyonya museum. Actually, muzium tu rumah kepunyaan baba (trader) who came to Malacca for the spices. But baba sudah jatuh cinta sama itu nyonya (local people). Lepas itu, baba lupa balik semula ke China dan berkahwin sama itu nyonya. Mereka pun dapat satu anak laki. Gambar itu anaklah yang attract wa. Ensem ma. Wa talak tipu sama lu. Wa ingat sampai sekarang muka dia. Sekarang sudah genarasi ke-enam. Wa mau cari cucu cicit dia. Sapa mau ikut wa? :p Wa mau completekan assignment, bkn sbb lain ma ;)

I know Mama will indulges with this kind of stuff,so i snap it for u :P

Cute ryte?

p/s: Terngiang-ngiang suara sukma si Wefada dan si Chen di kepulauan rempah ini...
p/s/s: Luckily Begi YM me just now. She corrected her name which is not Peggy but Begi. I put Peggy at 1st then i already changed it. Sory gurl :p.
pszz: someone ym me asking did i eat at the baba&nyonya's restaurant. Of coz NOT. I just 'duduk2' & chat wif my members. I didn't buy anything even the mineral water . Hopefully u'll understand my situations okies! :)


suraya said...

dulu masa akak research malaysian studies, akak wat research pasal portugese people.best2.

akak suka buat research camni.hehe.
btw, akak x jadi la p al hambra,so, tunggu lagi 7 tahun la, honeymoon nanti, boleh wat research skali.haha.

p/s: mooting nanti jangan dtg masa turn akak,nebes nanti.eheheh.

syamimi azmira said...

Penat tapi rasa berbaloi dan best sangat2. Macam lawatan sambil belajar masa sekolah dulu-dulu. At 1st, saya nak pilih Minangkabau sebab tertarik dengan Adat Perpatih & costume diaorang. Tapi sebab agak jauh, then cancel. Portugese dah ade yang cop :p So, decide buat baba&nyonya ni. Interesting!

Bagus buat research2 ni esp berkenaan jatidiri,bangsa & agama kite. hehe. Lama sangat tuh 7 tahun. Hish akak ni, TMJ pun dah umur berape nanti. Jangan tunggu lame2 nanti diambil orang ;p

p/s:akak jgn risau, saya akan pergi punye.ahaha. 1 bus MMU turun nnt. do ur best sis!
p/s/2:ade rezeki, InsyaAllah akak akan sampai. Saya doakan akak akan pergi satu hari nanti sbb nak kirim beli keychain tertulis 'al-Hambra'. kakakaka :D

Anonymous said...

hai Shamimi, nak tanya sikit, kat mana boleh dapat souvenir kasut terompah tu??? tolong e-mail saya Saya tengah cari sgt-sgt souvenir baba n nyonya nie..........hope you can help me. Thanks for your kindness....