Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last, Today, Next and Following WEDNESDAY

Last Wednesday: The most enjoyable moment involved 3 of us (me, isha & thirah) skated on ice in Sunway Pyramid. Almost 5 hours freeze ourselves inside there and luckily had some food to eat coz we cannot go out (once check-out, none of u can come in again). And the best thing was, we had the cheapest price which really hard to get it. hihi, quite lucky on that day :D

The latecomers! Harus didenda tapi diatas kecomelan beg itu, ur apology accepted.haha

Today: The midterm test which i did mentioned earlier in the last post. Nothing much to discuss it here and do prayers on it. Tawakal..

Next Wednesday: Another midterm test to go.

Following Wednesday: Submit one of the assignment. Crap, hope everyone 'll co-operate on it huh.

Hopefully, it'll ends here. Though still have another hectic day but i do really need my wednesday back to normal. Extremely need it!

busy,busy pun everyday update blog cik kak ;p


Anonymous said...

hey mak cik i told u not to put dat pic kan..
noty eh..
tula comel kan beg tu..
tgkla sape yg pakai..
rase mcm nak bli je..
tp nnt nak pakai segan la plak..
nway best of luck for all ur midterm and asgnmnt..
u can do it!!!

p/s: ntah dikala org lain x dpt net ni dia bole plak sedap2 update blog..siap download lagu lagi..x padan ngan bz.. :P


syamimi azmira said...

sukati2~~ :D
hahaha.Sape suh ko tak beli. Nnt leh bwk gi kelas. Sorng pkai tangkal, sorng bwk beg katut.muahahaha
seswai ;p

tengs tau.Doakan aku

p/s:Aku xcuri lain sape2 pun. (muke xb'slh) =P