Monday, January 18, 2010

a beginning began.

Almost 2 months i haven't updating any single words in this blog and it feels awkward in the beginning to start the writing. I just finished the long holiday and today am having my first class for this trimester. It gonna be my last trimester for beta year and i do put target on it as my last trimester result likes neraka jahanam. Neraka is enough, maybe. I know the reason and should neither blaming nor pointing on others.

It is the fact that i've to deal on my own and take it as a big lesson. Somehow, learn from the mistakes and let those idioms buzzing my mind in the meanwhile though sound typical but i believe it'll grants for the better. Increasing. I can't see the future but i could fix it and it's all depend on me, myself.

"Allah akan menggantikan yang lebih baik dari apa yang kita telah hilang"

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