Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Filem harus tonton.

Hanya ditayangkan secara eksklusif di Midvalley, Pavillion dan One Utama. Dan malangnya saya tidak dapat tonton kerana tempoh masa yang sangat-sangat terhad. Jika sesiapa pernah menonton The Kite Runner atau membaca novelnya dan The Thousand Splendid Sun yang dikarang Khaled Hosseini, filem ini juga berkongsi genre yang sama.

In Iran, high school student Mahi and illegal Afghan worker Heiran fall in love only to discover her family refuses to bless their union. Supported by an affectionate grandfather who spends the afternoons chatting to his deceased wife, Mahi follows Heiran to unforgiving Tehran. There she is suddenly thrust into a grim world of adulthood, and discovers it takes more real resolve to keep loving the man who turned her life on end. Struggling to make ends meet, Heiran gives up his dreams of attending the university to provide a down payment on their dumpy flat. No long after, the couple have a baby to support and Heiran knows he must take responsibility for his family.

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Zaitun said...

The Kite Runner,harus ditonton tangkap leleh sedih sesangat...