Wednesday, July 14, 2010

welcome to the orange world!

nononono, it's not Netherlands/Holland/Deutch to be the most interesting thingy to bring up here. I would like to welcome my new template. Orange in colour which my past actual favourite and i knew the recent peeps would say disgusting because of the 23 yellow cards and a red card. Okayh! enough for the world cup :p

i've bunch of works need to settle down, a disaster room need to clean up and a mountain of laundry! and i still in the mood of blogging.

no Gardenia at least on the bed or empty mug of mocha Milo on the table or packet of instant noodles on the floor.

owner blog current weight: 58kg! and it's a big yeayy for me as i had achieved the target. That's the little advantage of being entered the goosebumps busy world and perhaps the last 2/3 months left i'll loose another 4kgs. Am looking towards it.

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Zaitun said...

Jangan biarkan bilik bersepah nanti dapat macam2 penyakit.