Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dear longchamp,

i've been looking for this kind of bag. not to say as a handbag since it is widely used to protect the expensive Coach, Miu Miu, LV, Chanel or any kind of super expensive hb when it catch in raining or when u want to put your Chanel on the floor. Since i'm not into Coachism yet, the lovely red longchamp is enough to make me contentedly smile and the price can be said as reasonable. Am still browsing the best price to be deal of and it was my first time bidding through the internet.

i'd stop the bid since the price keep 'growing' and it's a 2nd hand item and i want the red one! :(

Can i've them? :D :D



cikmanggis said...

hmmm makcik pun suka bag camni...boleh ke veteran pakai bag ni..hehe

syamimi azmira said...

nampak simple yet trendy kan makcik.hehe boleh je.