Friday, October 29, 2010


Happy belated birthday to baba!
Wish for your prosperous and always be healthy!

Happy wonderful 21st birthday to my all time comel & gebu pona!
May Allah bless you and success will always be part of your journey!

Love to all :)

Hi everyone. i'm in law library now. Not doing any revision but streaming the movie & drama below. I love friday since the mood of weekend has been started. I've a presentation to be prepare but i put it aside for a moment. C'mon guys, enjoy your blissful life ;D

It's quite a long time i want to watch Heaven's Postman but due to certain technical problem on youtube, i've to wait till it being recovered.

I found good feedback from those who watched this drama. It's totally different from most of kdrama before and i'm terribly want to watch it. Since i've free time till tomorrow i'll marathon and hopefully to finish it by next week. Please don't remind me about assignment, tutorial, mooting, court attendance or whatsoever for the time being>,<"

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Not much to share here. Have a good weekend :0)

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