Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dream High v Secret Garden

worth watching dramas ever!!

1. Dream high

2. Secret Garden

finished the marathon thingy but still wanna watch on what i've bookmarked. It's a big no for me as the exam is coming so soon. Take note yeah! I'm really fallen in love with the storyline and the ost as well. Nothing much to review as it's fully recommended to watch both of the dramas. You'll scream out of control by looking at those chicas and romeos of course!

for the so called 2pm fan, Dream High is a must! you'll find your effing hot Taecyeon played as a main actor besides Wooyoung and for sure they'll dance plus singing for you. to cut it short, the storyline is similar with school of fame but it's much better.

i love secret garden as i love bof and you're beautiful. They can be in same rank and the craziness is extraordinary, for sure! i love the ending. the storyline is so nearly imperfect. Hyun Bin is the best actor supported with Yoon Sang Hyun, Ha Ji Won, Kim Sa Rang and others. I'm not in love with the main actor buuuuuuut I adore Oska to the most! not to forget, Big Bang done with parody thingy and it's damn funny. Go buy your snack and enjoy it while watching the best drama ever! Does it sound overrated? T__________T

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