Friday, May 20, 2011

1 litre of tears

searching for the highly motivated drama upon the messy time is the best therapy and to be specific, i spent my rest time during examination week by watching this drama. It really works and worth to the max! I should be blamed for pending this worth drama since the typical-crying-drama thought kept pop up into my mind.

It's the real story happened to Aya who has been diagnosed with incurable disease known as Spinocerebellar Degeneration. I won't explained the detail on her disease and left to the readers for further research. I did my own and i couldn't imagine how on earth she's survive her life with full esteem. I learned much by experienced this drama; ie, PEOPLE SHOULDN'T DWELL ON THE PAST, IT'S ENOUGH TO TRY YOUR BEST IN ALL THAT YOU'RE DOING NOW.

Can i say what i feel now?
I don't know what will happen in the future.
But, i can say with 100% certaintly
that what i'm feeling is not a lie.
if you're speaking
no matter how slow, I will listen to you.
If you can't talk on the phone,
I'll come directly to see you.
I'm not a dolphin,
and you're not a dolphin either.
If you're walking,
no matter how slow, I'll walk with you.
I may not be useful now,
but one day, i want to be of help for you.
Even though it won't be like old times,
our feelings are connected,so
i don't think we live in separate worlds.
i maybe in love...

Haruto made the tears much, more than 1 litre :'(

the real Aya, RIP.

Suffer and suffer through,
and there's a rainbow colored happiness
waiting on the other side.
Do not rush it, Do not be greedy
Don't give up.
Because, everybody takes a step at a time.
It didn't matter how insignificant, but
i wanted to be useful to others.

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