Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Done !

of Resting.

Alhamdulillah !
Hit the end of first trimester of Delta year. It's a big relief. I wish Allah will grant what's the best for me and for the sake of future. It's fundamental to looking forward. I did self postmortem once the examination has ended. The only answer that I've obtained is that, the guarantee of success is begin from the first day of class and onwards. No means of skipping the classes, must do well in midterm tests and so do the assignments. Perhaps should be added the fully commitment towards tutorial. They are considered as a yardstick of success in examination.

I'll be having two weeks of trimester break. No books, statutes and cases to be deal of. What shall i do during the break? I'll share 'em later once the break is over. I've re-arranged my tiny room and i was happy for that. Much comfort and girlish HIHI :3 This temporary freedom shall be follow with some treat right? I've opted to have good lunch in Seoul Garden before going back to Puchong. Nyom nyom nyom ! Meat arghhh remind me of Gu Miho. Hahah!

Reminder reminder!
The workloads are waiting for me to entertain them once the break comes to an end. Mooting competition will make some noise and I shall be alert from time to time regarding the written submission. Sigh. Leave it for a while. Say hi to holiday and bye to commitment !

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