Monday, August 30, 2010

eat as u can.

I thought i'd gained weight for these couple days since i eat a lot. Last Monday i went to middle east restaurant in Malacca and had maqloobah rice which the portion supposed for two person but i could finished it at all and add on two delicious samosa. The next day, i had tomato rice with 10 sticks of satay and McD spicy chicken for friday. I went back to kl on saturday and Mama's menu was asam pedas daging which the taste i can't resist it at all. Super duper yummy and the three plates of rice that i had has approved it! Not to include it here with tauhu sumbat that i craved it for a long time. Thanks ma! You're the wonderful chef that i ever met =0)

I went to Saba Restaurant, Cyberjaya for yesterday break fast and it was my second time having middle east cuisine during this Ramadhan. I love the taste of their food and satisfied with the service that they had. Much more faster compared to certain Malay restaurant. I had chicken kabsah and same goes to my family. The meat was so tender and juicy and i think the price is reasonable with the big portion that we had. We can choose either to join their buffet or ala carte but it is fully recommended to make the reservation or else u can't find any empty table.

I had kuih bakar after the meal when we backed home, the kuih is again super duper yummy because it was baked by my mom <3. Bubur lambok that had been given by my dad's friend and after8 chocolate should be added here as part of my reason if i gaining my weight. Surprisingly, when i check the weight, it's still maintain and i can smile contentedly.

Looking forward to watch these two Malaysian movies.

I'd been watched this drama since my teenage time and it was one of my favourite drama other than gilmore girl. The drama stopped from airing before i finished my secondary school and i miss a lot their funniest act. I was so happy when i knew it had a movie and being aired on 26 august in Malaysia. Yeayy for the fan! Can't wait to watch this movie and for those who have the same interest as me, lets watch it together.

I didn't know when it gonna be air but i can't wait to watch the movie. Hopefully it'll be good or better compared to the drama.

Btw, i just left one assignment need to submit on this coming Friday and i'll start my revision for final exam soon. Hopefully,i can cover 3 topics for Islamic Law during this week consist of Qiyas, Ijma', Maslahah Mursalah and Ijtihad, Quran & Sunnah for next week. I hope i can finish from preparing the notes in two weeks time, insyaAllah.

For my lovely readers, lets welcome the al-qadr wholeheartedly and happy independent day to all Malaysian.

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