Wednesday, September 1, 2010

when it comes to passion

To be honest, i'm so thankful for not being a shopaholic type of person. I didn't spend too much for unnecessary item nor the so called women thingy. I had changed when entering my 20th phase and it is a relief for me. I'll buy when my heart says it is good for me, but the saying must work with my tiny brain.

The attitude unfortunately doesn't work when it comes to food. I'm kind of a food lover. Hold on, not a kind of but absolutely a food lover. I don't even care how much did i left in my wallet nor the weight that i'll gain. It's a big no when it comes to food. Anything that looks yummy, i'll then go for it. Food is my passion, and i'm passionate of it.

I'm on my way of watching two korean drama but the internet was totally freaking damn slow and the buffering process may takes the whole night or even a day to finish up. EP internet becomes worst day by day and it'll jeopardize my passion towards doramas including kPop thingy. It really makes me sad cause i rather staying at home facing my laptop with korean faces than have a walk in the mall. It's lovely.

Sunao ni Narena Kute

Mirotic song made an introduction to me of u

Blog-walking is a good way to find any information especially when it comes to entertainment. I found these two japanese drama when i blog-walked to doramas fan's blog. I read the synopsis and went through the comments. It sounds awesome and i shall watch those two doramas soon. Since jaejoong from DBSK acted in Sunao ni Narenakute, i'll go for it first. I dare to bet those fangirlism will shout out loud when looking to jaejong flawless face, kan AJ? =p The memory of kPop craziness with AJ has crossed my mind when it comes to DBSK thingy. Missing it so much :'[

Hotoru no Hikari has two season.
the latest is still ongoing

Two novels have to finish after my final papers.I bought one of them during the book fair in PWTC and another in KL. Both are relating to literature genre which is my main passion once upon a time and it is still remain till today. Facing the pack schedule has limits my time to blissfully reading the novel since i cannot stop when i start reading. So i can only start reading when i'm really free or during the holiday.

Shall stop here since i've work to settle down and i've discussion tonight, noted. Gtg, lots of love!

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