Tuesday, October 5, 2010

eat pray love




i watched this movie with the new couple, trex my gf, zul my gf's bf, my gf bf's roommate and najib. not so impressed me and same goes to others. it might have good messages but sounds typical. for those who read the novel will find the movie not so turn out as what been expected. but Ketut (local actor while liz in Bali) did very well and cheered up the mood. i love the scene in Italy, the script that well blended with scrumptious type of food. that's the most part that i enjoyed.

not to forget, we're having a short break for two weeks. hari raya still in the mood and i spend most of the weekend visiting family and friend. lots of open house and of course yeayy for the food. oh, i'm on my way to finish Bumi Cinta by habiburrahman el-shirazi. it's a nice story line that took place in Moscow. i'll share with my lovely readers once i finish it. insyaAllah..


Chik Na said...

akak masih belum berkesempatan yg p tgk cerita ni.. mesti nak tgk sbb Julia Roberts tu pelakon feberet

Mak Su said...

julia robert ker tu? senyuman nya mmg cantik

syamimi azmira said...

chik na:

baca buku dia lagi best ;)


maybe.hehe she looks confident walapun kecelaruan identiti.