Saturday, April 30, 2011

and Diana indeed smile towards both of you

... besides the whole nation all over the world. I do admit that, Will a prince charming was my first love since it happened upon my childhood time and to be specific he's my lover during primary period. I kept his photo, bring here and there inside my wallet and being a pathetic kid would consider as not an offence. His big day made me turned back my first crush time, without even has knowledge towards IT or in recent times, we're just Google our fav person, print it and may paste on the wall or make the pic for our lappy wallpaper. There's no such thing upon 80's kids, lucky you millennium babies :) I still remember when i bought a magazine without knowing the exact content and it contained Will pics (he's freaking charming upon that), I cut the paper and scanned it using my dad scanner, folded it as the pic can fit well inside my Mickey wallet. HAHA i can hear the boo sound T__________T

I was so proud upon that time, tagging along with my prince charming everywhere 'enthusiastically'. Time change every single thing, from innocent into offensive, lovers become haters, passion turned into commitment and etc. I am growing and so do with my mentality. I do realized the so called prince charming was a fairytale. Absolutely a Disney movie and i decided left my prince with open heart. I just wish for the best of his life.

Diana is the best royal lady that i ever known and i believed her son will reflect her one day. I've been to Buckingham palace when i was 6 and he's 13. It's not the end of our met and i wish i could step on where he's stepping. Congratulations on your humble wedding and please be a real Prince Charming for kate. nor jealousy to be added here :)

she's a commoner but she's so beautiful and it's hidden. Left for those who love her to explore the beauty :)

a stylo princess wannabe (she's wearing jumpsuit awwwwwww!!)

I believed commoner always a Cinderella and it does happened in reality. 29/4 had approved it by the entire nation and wish them for happily ever after. It's not impossible indeed. For those who keep criticize about the dress, you're so Rosmah! =p


Anyss Han said...

hye syam.. :)
long time no see..
and guess what..
every time we get update with this royal wedding.. the person most came across to our mind is you....
liyana ghani send regards to you.. :)
do take care.. and have a nice day ahead.. :) <3


syamimi azmira said...

hanisahhhh! :D yeap, almaklumlah masing-masing punya study.hehe kau masih ingat ey? HAHAH malu aku. how's life? korang roommate kan. woahh hidup budak 3B.ngee~ kirim salam rindu aku dekat dia. Thanks weh, amin :) Do your best for happiness!

smkpp jugak,