Sunday, April 10, 2011

hi April, hi Sunday

a week break seems run so fast. i'll be back to my daily routine as a student in Malacca. the typical assignments are waiting for the completion and i've to be alert with the coming final exam around May. the rough date has been set by the university which falls on 11 May for Evidence & Procedure in Syariah Court whilst my Labour Law paper on 13 May in the morning. seems two days gap is worthy and i hope there's no such amendment by uni.

being at home is indescribable feeling, as per say is contentedly alive. i love to become a helper for my mom even i'm not good on it. i learned from the basic tips of cooking up to the secret and thanks to my mom for sharing. i do realised that still it's far from perfection but stop from learning is impossible and i believed that keep on trying is a success. Cooking is therapy, my new law of attraction :)

not to forget, i would like to share a day getaway and beautiful lunch with family and him. we headed to Saba' Rest for lunch and opted to go to sunway, ikea & ICT.

our starter with nice karipaps & mountain dew. in love with the karipap for so longggggg!

meatball & daim cake, mine :)

him :)

ICT - me two times been here. first during my previous birthday with ladies of family. RM10 per car not per person basis but we need to pay extra for specific entrance i.e snow room that will cost RM25 for adult & RM20 for child


so called LED rocket

creepy tree :/

extra pay for LED mini zoo but we can snapped the pics outside. sooo, no need to pay, lol!

merajuk face, HAH HA!

LED Christmas tree

what we only bought for our tiny getaway :P from indian mags store, ikano. he has been dreaming for A**i while me love to browse emmmm ehehe the glittering pump. Dream will make us work harder and it's a lovely freedom :)

Let's drool on what i've eaten yesterday like crazily-don't-eat-for-the-whole-life! 3 slices of sandwiches for breakfast, chicken kabsah & Raspberry barbican for lunch, original glazed donut from krispy creme and a piece of karipap with a cup of mountain dew for hi-tea whereas for my dinner... as u can see above and shewarma for supper. Am i a human being? the answer is a workout is a MUST! Gaining weigh is easy and loosing is expecting the unexpectedly for ordinary people. I'll try to work on it (as what i guaranteed previously) for my health. Let's support the healthy life!

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