Thursday, April 14, 2011

the rambling of food lover :)

I missed Singgah Selalu food, a must restaurant to visit in JB. Kalau orang KL proud of their Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa, Juara Tomyam etc, Johorian perhaps suggesting their Singgah Selalu most of the time. The menu memang sangat banyak but me prefer to choose lauk b'hidang. These are the foods that we ordered after seharian suntuk in S'pore and end up dinner in JB.

sotong black pepper fat & kental (fresh) version
pardon me the quality of pictures :(

me called tauhu jepun. this one masak teppayanki. a must try!

lemon chicken. not recommended for those who opt spicy food but it tastes nice to my bud

food for two?! mine u of big potion :)

When we have time & dimurahkan rezeki, i would like to try their meals..

cannot tahan people keep nagging about ayam penyet super bombastic even without soup. and waffle, varieties of roti etc


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