Wednesday, April 13, 2011

this and that

2 things done:

i) fees payment - am quite questionable with the total which cheaper than previous sem. hihi anyway thanks new president!

ii) assessment - consulted with my advisor and several tips given. thanks madam! :)

lagi cepat those things to be settled lagi bagus since this sem run so fast. today gonna be a big day for law school. LPQB came for interview thingy in order to exempt from CLP. they will come once in two years to renew our exemption. Do your best MMU Law School! we're deadly need the exemption since everyone known that even Karpal Singh pun sat CLP for several times.

i would like to share the best movie that i ever watched from the starting of this year since i don't want it to be serious entry and perhaps lame entry T_____T

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

deserved 4/5 stars! a must watch, it's all i can say and no review shall be needed!


the director of Titanic and Avatar but it's an average movie for me. watched 3D and it's not turned out good.

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