Saturday, August 13, 2011

Iftar @Nandos.

It was a great day.
I miss my family though but still need to recharge with something good.
Half of the day was spent wisely in the library and left of iftar waiting hours is of course in the mall.
Kinda impressed with the crowds how energetic are they while walking around the mall more than one time and for sure need not to exclude me. HEHE
It's like magic in the air.
Atau syaiton sudah menempel dan digam dengan gam gajah di papan tanda SALE!

We're reserved!

Whole leg, ada bran?!
Table for two to be added :p

Gumiho will at least impress on us!

Still hot stuff :D

Thanks for the treat! :):)

LbntL; our TF of the day..............

eh not this minah lah. hehe

presenting not-so-yummy-as-TF-but-worth-for-the-penny-maybe...

first and the last, for sure.
Totally diff from TF & the taste was so bad.
Not recommended at all. By the way, bought this from Dataran Pahlawan.

We wanted to have our iftar at Seoul Garden but it was fully booked.
They asked to put our name under waiting list but neither confirmation could be made.
But Alhamdulillah our rezeki in Nandos for today iftar.
Full with smile and say thanks to Allah for granting us with good foods =)

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