Monday, August 22, 2011

Random :)

Entering last phase of Ramadhan.

not really fully occupied but seems little chaos never ended.
the whole assignments were blissfully submitted and left some tutorials need to be handed over.
the classes yet not finish at all and so forth.
typical MMU schedule and yes we're immune to accept the fact.
shall stop grumbling and start to proceed with what need to be done.

oh yeah, went to putrajaya last friday for iftar with my precious family and accompanied by najib.
able to reserve a day before at De' Lanai Lakeview Cafe Putrajaya
Alhamdulillah, good food with lovely companions.
what else need to be demand of?
thanking to my parents for the treat is a least.

sleepover at my house(Puchong) for a night and went back to Malacca on Saturday
promise not going anywhere as we need to settle down the workloads turns the other way around.
najib requested to have iftar at Burger King Jusco Bandaraya and unintentionally dragged our precious time till late at night
he bought 4 shirts that day after being induced by me :p
me? nothing to buy as none of 'em had catch my eyes
yet not the end of our day..
went to Bazaar opposite Melaka Sentral to find anything that would interest us.
sadly no.

Sunday; najib came to my house after bought the meal for iftar from Bazaar Ramadhan MC.
thanks dear for the briyani and ayam percik
nice indeed.
off to Tesco to find any Kurung for Raya after performed our prayer
Alhamdulillah, able to buy a pair of it.
ain't too excited to buy costume for Raya as Oct is nearly soon
InsyaAllah, wish our plan goes well.


piece of work by incredible designer

Raya mode shall turn 'on' after seeing this great capture

toodles !

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