Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Love and affection. Cewahhhhhihihi!

Back to commitments ;c

In need for extra holidayszzzzz!

Missing Johor dy, durians, rambutans, manggis, pulasans and so forth D;

Non-stop craving for Singgah Selalu fewds. sobsssssss! I want i want i want it now!

Damn sad since don't have chance to eat pau pagoh :(:(

Missing to tag along with najib 24hrs kecuali tidur, mandi & plup-plup =p

And again, craving for Nasi Padang Pontian super banyak and marvelous. err Murtabak King to be attached. Similar to Murtabak zam zam S'pore but cannot challenge zam zam punya......

Rindu petang-petang najib kopek kan deghiyan and i makan dengan lahapnya nyom3~! i ate 3++ biji durian and he only makan 3 ulas, muahahaha nates!

his maids indeed are so nice since they feel comfort to have long chat with me. Siap beli lebih air tebu and bekalkan for us, much care and i love it......

met his nenek for the first time during kenduri menyambut Ramadhan at his nenek's house. A warming nenek indeed <3 and not to forget his big fams... Got 1 makcik sakat him 'jangan tunggu lama-lama'. Haha long way to go lah makcik :D

i was able to solat terawih b'jemaah with najib. It was my first time became his makmum and he being an imam. The feeling was sooooooo indescribable :)

and we cook together :] In need to improve my talent....... His dad praise that i masak sedap, vangga sekejaps! ;o)

it was not my first time come to his house in Johor but still i'd great time with em'. Pray for long last, insyaAllah.

Whatever it is, am still miss my mama, baba & adik..... I love them eternity :)

Cannot going back to puchong celebrating 1st Ramadhan since my dad is in T'ganu... Mama said is hard for her to fetch and send me to bus station to be back in Malacca since Puchong will jammed teruk during Ramadhan due to so banyak gilss bazaar!

So this week, insyaAllah my dad will be back to Puchong and same goes to me.. Hope there's no last minute task =)

It's one and a half year and err two days with him. Ain't easy at ALL. People near to me witnessed though not every single thing but they did understand me and our r/ship. They did support us be it express or in implied ways. I've opted to have a short holiday after chaos took place and alhamdulillah, reheal :) Go for it as if it's the best way for your r/ship.....

Ramadhan Kareem!

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