Thursday, August 25, 2011

Worded Thursday!

The Prophet (pbuh) advised: "Do sahoor because in sahoor there is blessings". (Bukhari and Muslim)

All praise to Allah for granting us rizki, blessing with good health and so on. The prayer and du'a shall not be the least to show our love to Him. It is indeed subjective to a question on how to be a real Muslim. The integral part solely vested on the person himself to oblige with the rule of Islam. The basic and common thing of all.

Ain't that good to exaggerate in detail since I did not hesitate to say that I'm lack of such knowledge and still in learning process :)
Be a good Muslim, do our best and Allah will do the rest. Amin.
The below pictures were captured upon our sahur at Kings Hotel in Ayer Keroh. It's only cost us RM12 for buffet but the choice not that much. Perhaps neither for the second time.

Today iftar was blissfully full with Nasi Arab which average in taste and not to forget our giant Popia Basah that so freak! Hmmmmmmm we paid for extra but bad in return. I do believed that they are able to do their best to cook or otherwise they aren't be part of em'. The issue is the sincerity to provide good and worthy food for the buyer and of course you may gain profit but it is absolutely not the right way. Islam surely highlighted precisely the point of doing business and yet it is still promising for profit. What need to be so curios of? The least you can do is prepare a good meal and express the best of your cooking. And Allah will do the rest, sooner or later is just a time frame :)

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