Friday, November 4, 2011

Bandung Trip - part 2

Good Morning people ! Have a Barakah Friday ahead ! I'll continue on our journey in Bandung and adding some info that may help my readers (if any) hehe. We've opted to have body massage on the first day of arrival. It was situated in Jalan Setiabudi which was in walking distance to Rumah Mode.

The interior design of Spa Gallery. We did the whole body massage including aromatherapy and my sister did her pedicure and manicure together with hand massage. It was not too cheap nor pricey but reasonable in term of their services. Spa-ing in Indonesia is a MUST for the visitors since the cost is the most reasonable even we did in the hotel itself.

They served 2 pieces of donut for each of us besides the most 'horror' ginger tea once we finished our session. I couldn't finish the tea since the taste is too yucks but good for health. We decide to have our dinner later to the nearest restaurant which is also common to Malaysian people.

Nasi Padang is the most famous in Indonesia where they served variety of dishes and they'll charge according to what we eat. The taste not much different to our local dishes and fine to our tastebud.

To be continue. :)

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