Sunday, November 20, 2011

of 17.

left to right: Lead Counsel & Co - counsel of Appellant, my Co - counsel & me of Respondent.

17 October 2011: Safely landed in Bandara Hussein Sastranegara, BANDUNG !

17 November 2011: Tied up black and white, bow to the judge, High Court is ready for appeal session, raised defences on behalf of the client, judgment: Defence granted !

Marked this as the first case in my entire life. Good beginning. Alhamdulillah :) Nor the least, InsyaAllah.

Thanks Mr. Desmond for your nice encouragement. To my parents for sure, I'm blessed.

Brom Brom Circuit Sdn. Bhd. should be thankful to us and not to forget ours' percents :))) Lawyers need to wear Armani instead. Hahah!

17, blissful date.