Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bandung Trip - part 4

Let's rejoice your weekend by munching our shopping bash in Paris Van Java !

We were spoil with the choices and indeed contentedly satisfied with the purchases. I love to bargain up to the seller refuse to accept my offer and ended of win-win acceptance. The items bought are worth to the max where none can be found in our local outlet with that lower price. We'd spend most of the times in Pasar Baru and I do admit that the choices of clothing is nearly perfect from A to Z. It's one of must-visit shopping centre in Bandung besides the most famous Rumah Mode and factory outlets along Jalan Dago.

Pasar Baru;

I did mentioned in my previous entry where I didn't shop for myself in Rumah Mode since nothing interest to my liking. Lucky me because I could find the same items from Rumah Mode with much cheaper price with good qualities and of course look better. Where on earth was that? It's just along the street of our hotel -__________- The last minute shopping is always the best and I am wholeheartedly agreed since I could find my Burberry jeans with the craziest price. I didn't remember the precise name of the outlet but it's one of the factory outlets at Cihempelas Walk or CiWalk. I'm in love with the street instead of others. We spend our left evening by walking along the street and experienced the nightlife of Sundanese.

I'd a walk with my dad night before off-ed to KL along the said street to buy our dinner and bumped into one of their convenience store. It was similar to 7E but much better since they provide sets of tables and chairs for the customers to enjoy their cuppas or they can even satisfy the empty stomach with any of instant meals bought from the store itself. Mind you, the store is selling instant lasagna, sandwiches, baked macaroni, pasta and even lunch boxes ! Microwave is of course being provided in order to re-heat the instant meals. I kept blinking my eyes to ensure I wasn't in Milan by mistake !

The last chapter of our shopping bash in Bandung was in Toko Tiga where they provide with different brands of jeans. Named it ! Levis, Lee Cooper, Lois, Giorgio Armani or even Harley Davidson with of course way less cheaper compared to ours. They can even alter accordingly for FOC and they provide the best workmanship in town. The best part was I am able to get my original National Geographic tees where that was my first time ever witnessing the tee in front of me. Lucky you if you have one since I was only saw the tee being wear by the hunters in Discovery Channel. Not to forget, my magenta Burberry shirt and Hawaiian inspired by Lois :D

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Muhamed Riyaz said...

salam, nak tanya skit pasal toko tiga. since dh hampir 2 thn since awak gie sana dan beli jeans, ok lagi tak jeans tue? betul ker ori? sbb saya ada baca kat internet kata jeans toko tiga xder kualiti dan menipu..