Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bandung Trip - part 1

I've been to Bandung on 17th Oct till 21st October 2011 for our end year family holiday. We'd plan for this great hol 3 months early from the said date and I was responsible to book the flight besides preparing the itinerary. Having a vacation is not a quick decision that we can decide a day before and fly to another state on the next day. It's like doing an assignment where I need to do some research on it. We need to compare and contrast in order to allocate our budget, list down the places that a tourist MUST visit, jot down the currency for the sake of transaction, allocate the time wisely in order we wouldn't miss out any places that we've listed and etc. I did my research solely based on blog walking. Bloggers do help in giving such precious info. Our itinerary was drafted based on the blog info and it really works. I'll share our itinerary in my next entry to help others in getting such info :)

Dealing with Air Asia won't be the same as another flight company. We must be alert of any changes that might not come to our knowledge. The said depart time was stated that the flight will depart on 9.40 am but the time was changed once I checked in through internet. The boarding pass had came out with a new departure time which was on 6.45 am! Gosh! We may miss our flight if I wouldn't checked it for 100 times! Kindly be alert of the recent notice either via your mail or text messages.

I'll share some of the photos during our early arrival in Bandung.

Jus Sirsak (Jus Durian Belanda) a must drink in Bandung. One of the preventive for cancer as what the local people believe. I do love the taste and so do my family members.

Sundanese foods.

Rumah Mode is the most famous factory outlet in Bandung and commonly vsit by Malaysian people. They are selling branded items in a great value, for instance Burberry, Esprit, H&M, Polo Santa Barbara, Zara, Ashworth and many more. We couldn't get that price in our local market though during year end sale or YES! I did not shop any of thing here because..... But my dad and sister do grab some of their clothes and it really worth.

What's next? Stay tune to feel the aromatherapy of Sundanese..

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