Sunday, March 18, 2012

Universal Studios - part 2.

Happy Sunday peeps! How's your weekend? I wish the sun is bright and shining all over the world. The hot air balloon festival in Putrajaya seems to be so amazing and one of the most awaiting event in Malaysia. It's kind a sad thing as I've missed such beautiful event due to some valid and acceptable reason, perhaps. The bad feeling wasn't last too long as I'd transform being a happy kid after did some shoes hunting in Sunway Pyramid =] The two pairs of my new flat shoes are for daily use and basically to classes.

I shall stop my daily rambling or else it'll get toooo long. Let's continue with my Universal Studios trip on the other attraction of the theme park.

Transformers; The most incredibly amazing ride in USS.


The ancient Egypt;

Didn't go for this ride as it was freaking extreme but we're able to enter the half way to the roller coaster. The courage gone after all -__________-

The Lost World (Jurassic Park);

The ride was pretty awesome and indeed similar to the movie itself. It will bring you along the river and dinosaurs are awaits for you.

Need to wear this $3 raincoat or else you will totally get soak.

The Sci Fi City;

The most thriller roller-coasters that must ride in USS. We opted for the red one and it was never-ever-ride-this-killer-thing again!

Settled down with this ride after thrilled our hearts with that freaking roller coaster. This yellow thing called Accelerator where it will spin your head by increasing the powers for every second. We're fine with it, haha!

Will update more on the next entry. See ya!

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