Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Universal Studios - part 3.

This will be the last part of my USS trip and I will sum up every single thing here. The main thing to be observed is that the season we choose is either peak or non-peak season. This will lead to different range of the price itself. Mine was the non-peak season and the ticket price is much lesser ($68). The crowd indeed can be avoided upon the non-peak season and I did enjoy the rides without having the long queue.

The ticket can be purchase through online but still need to queue to redeem the original ticket and it might dragged our precious time. We decided to buy the tickets from 707 travel agent located at JB (in front of KTM station) and crossing the boarder to Sentosa by bus from the agent itself. It cost us RM15 each for return trip. I did some research and prepare the itinerary before travel and same goes to my USS trip. I kept on browsing on how to have enough time to enjoy each of the rides and the shows. Alhamdulillah, we did it. The plan was successful and we had the maximum satisfaction. It was worth to the max.

Far Far Away;

The Donkey show's.

4D effect and it was awesome!


With the stuntmen/women from Hollywood.

The Waterworld show is a MUST since it was incredibly fantastic as the action movies that we watched in TV/cinema were brought to reality. There are two zones for the audiences which are the splash zone and the wet zone. The audiences are being advised not to occupy the splash zone or else, you will totally get soaked. Some of the audiences were being splash purposely due to their over react. Hahah It should be noted that the show time was only two times per day and it was at 12.30pm & 4.30pm.


Feel to dance but I'm freaking old for that -_________-"

But............ I'm not too old for this;


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