Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bandung Trip - part 5

We've been to the biggest zoo in Indonesia which is in Bogor, 3 hours journey from Bandung and by adding one hour we could possibly reach Jakarta. Jakarta was in our list at first but we had a second thought that we're more likely spend the precious time in the macet itself ! The trip to the zoo is the best choice and it was incredibly awesome. They're doing better than us :< The concept is rather different where the animals are move freely whereas the tourist must stay safe in the car. I better let the pictures do the job !

Bring along the food is a must !

Mama was scared at first xD

Hey creepy owl ! Good living ha? o.O

The beauty of the jungle and they living great !


We obliged to have this turn in order to gain more and more experience !

LIVE and the only precaution that we had was close the window ! Close it or dare to dead haha !


What happen to them? Tired of living there?
Hahaha !

She's adorable just the way she iz !

Good living perhaps. Where on earth we could find people living in Taj Mahal?

Fairytale does exist in the real world. Lemme tell you one sweet romance story. Keith was a loner and giving up in her love life. One bright morning, a breaking news has taken place where Charles the legen.. wait for it.. dary guy rise from nowhere of the jungle to meet his soulmate. Sadly, she didn't turn up and Charles later suffocated with his love-never-ending-sucks. Charles decided to groom himself as if a guy might be the least for him and yet no ! He decided to end his life in the so called amusement park for kids where they torturing animal by feeding them with expired loaf .___. He's doing fine until one glorious day where he met Keith. He fallen in love for only-he-knows-how-many-times with this loner girl. He took his initial step to propose her but Keith rejected as she's tired being treated worse than wh*re. Charles being a legendary never give up when a lady in front of him except when no one besides him, guy may be his. HAHAH Keith made a decision to accept him and finally they're living happily ever after in the place except being feed by the horror kids with the expired loaf !

I know I'm getting lame but I love to have sequence for the above pictures. They're doing great, aren't they? :/

My love and it's eternity.

Can you spot the rainbow?

My happily ever after :):)

The beauty birdsss !

Dad decided to have our lunch in the zoo itself to experience the safari-ism thing and smelling the poops for sure -_-"

Good Bye Bogor's Safari ! Have a better living ! All of you are growing healthier where I could foresee from your fat ass Body. We didn't feed you any expired loaf nor the worse-banana-from hell. We provided you with crunchy carrot and indeed fresh besides the sweet bananas where we eat in our daily life. And they're just your snacks -________________- Humans need sacrifice somehow.

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