Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - of Sundanese Cuisine

Jus Sirsak/Durian Belanda - my all time favorite in Bandung

Garume Bakar with some sauce & Ayam masak apa entah but a bit hot.

Padang at Empera's

Jus Apulkat/Avocado with choc - I tasted it once coz couldn't stand with the taste.

The signature dish in Indonesia - Baksooooo!

The best apam balik in this world! I bet. Ada cheese (mind you, from Kraft okay!), spread of chocolate rice, sugar, corn and nuts. Terliur sekarang ni =(

Pulut Panggang

Ayam Penyet yang really really penyet ;)

They're indeed good in patisserie;

Gelato? HAHAHAH!

not wordless anymore -__________-"