Sunday, December 4, 2011

November and sweet retreats :)

My life was bit hectic backed on November which I'd mooting competition in the middle of it and midterm tests back to back on last week. It ain't easy at all where all these chaos popped up in the same month and by hook or by crook, things need to be settle down. It is somehow leads me to the solution of dealing with stress. Play harder and work hardest ! My work never jeopardize of having great time with beautiful peoples and vice versa. I did mingle with my friends, pissing each other, laugh every single stupid joke and later back to the freaking lecture notes and statues and for sure the thickest textbook that had ruined my eyes -__________- I will claim for negligence one fine day !

Life is wonderful and it is on us to embrace the great moment and so do the little messy things that are the best lesson to grow up. I'm not good of talking sweet since I don't like sugar but ice-cream is my soulmate ! Not believe on my words? Lets drool over my sweet bite xD

I wish I can freeze my body by having the best Gelato in Italy once in a lifetime, a least.

We're crazy on lining up the longest queue to join the 50% blast upon TF grand opening in Malacca ! It's worth of standing for 2 hours in front of the door and yet no lust of eating it for the time being.

I'm not a big fan of pretzel but I don't mind of having it for the tea time. I love donuts instead :3

:) :)
:D :D :D

Over these sweet bites, a good news need to be added here to make life sweeter. No, I'm not incorporating with sweet business. To make it short, I was one of the participant in Law Moot Competition 2011 and I'd announced in my previous post that me and my partner won the case in preliminary round. The result (ranking list) has been released and Alhamdullilah we won the 3rd Place for English Respondent of the Moot :D :D :D I didn't expecting of going to that far since the competitors were all good ! They'd performed well. I don't have any idea of winning the competition but life says, expect the unexpectedly. Qada' & Qadar to be precise :) I'm contentedly happy over my tiny step and InsyaAllah for the betterment.

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